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Suggested ETA Visas This includes counselling on immigrants by certified counsellors, an extraordinary pass rating, documentary checks and visa-handling. Patrons without a visa may be denied boarding on a plane or ship to Australia. Treatment may be deferred if; an appellant has provided false information; an appellant has been convicted under penal law;

or; the appeal is directed to the High Commission.

A request with false information will be sent for hand handling and may take up to 2 workdays. The reason why an enquiry has been directed to the High Commission is that the information provided by the complainant may be comparable to that provided by persons of interest to the Government of Australia.

This does not mean that a visa has been rejected, but it does require an immigrant official to handle the visa request. For referenced ETA requests there is an extra waiting time of 3 working days. For more information on recommendations and ETA visa in general, please visit our ETA visa FAQ page.

Do you need help to decide which visa you need? Are you still baffled about which visa you need for your journey to Australia? Take advantage of our quick, simple on-line visa consultant to find out exactly which visa you need to obtain to Australia.

Suppose I modify my identity card, what happens?

When you are travelling to Australia on vacation or work, you can obtain a visa of some kind known as an eVisitor. The eVistor visa is 12 monthly and you can spend up to 90 Australian nights on each outing. Australia allows you to travel as often as you like during the 12-month term.

The application process for an Australian visa is simple and you can make a quick visa application and visa application process. It is recommended that you obtain a visa at least fourteen working days before your scheduled date of travel, as in some cases it may take 10 workingdays or more before the visa is valid.

One of the advantages of an on-line solution like this is that you don't have to mail your identity card to an Embassy. This also means that you do not need visa stickers at home. As soon as your visa is validated, you will get an e-mail, but you do not have to take this e-mail to Australia.

Your visa will be saved electronic via your Passnumber. In case you need to modify your identity after obtaining a visa, you must get in touch with us. There is no need to request a new visa, but the visa must be transfered to your new passport. Failure to notify us when you receive a new your identity card may result in your being refused boarding because check-in personnel cannot see that you have a visa.

Are all candidates admitted at the same auctions? If you are applying for many persons at the same moment, not all will be accepted at the same moment. Every single task is treated independently and independently of all others. While some will quickly obtain a visa, others may have to await several working day.

Can the visa be renewed? It is not possible to renew an e-visitor visa. If you are outside Australia, you can request a new visa. When you are within Australia, you can request a different kind of visa. When you get your new visa, your e-visitor visa will be deleted.

In order to modify the nature of the visa you have in Australia, you must apply to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship at least 14 working days prior to the expiry of your visa. A new visa can be obtained if you meet all the conditions and have complied with the regulations of your present visa.

Can I work with an eVisitor visa in Australia? With an eVisitor visa you can go on vacation, meet your loved ones, go to events, meet your colleagues or work. Do not work (i.e. be working in Australia). This cannot be the primary aim of your trip to Australia, and it cannot be a form of volunteering that would otherwise have been done by an Aussie national for a wage.

There are other visa options available if you plan to work in Australia. Which is the eVisitor to Australia rate? eVisitor to Australia's actual rate is always displayed before the beginning of the bid. Click the Submit Now link on this page to see the prize.

For an eVisitor, how do I submit an eVisitor request? Applying for an eVisitor visa is simple, just click on the "Apply Now" button on this page and it will take you directly to the eVisitor visa request page. Your complete job description is available on-line, it is not necessary to submit a hard copy job description. Your pass data must be available before you submit your resume, as you must provide your pass number and expiry date.

It is also possible to advertise for your relatives or buddies who travel with you as long as you have their data. Will the Australian visa request document be available in other currencies? Yes, the visa request forms are available in many different foreign currencies except English. In order to facilitate the recruitment procedure for all concerned, the recruitment request forms will be produced in your preferred printing style.

Early how do I have to send my resume? Usually the turnaround is very short and most candidates receive the results within an hours, but it is not advisable to delay until the last second. All our clients are advised to submit their applications at least two weeks before the planned start of the trip.

Occasionally, visa applicants are processed by Australian Immigration visa officials by hand. Is it possible to send an open job offer to anyone other than myself? Yes, you can request a visa for anyone as long as you have all your identity and pass data. Your approval will be sent to the e-mail you provided before the start of the request, so if you are requesting others, you must ensure that they are issued as well.

If I want to travel to Australia for both commercial and tourist purposes, what happens? The eVisitor visa allows you to go both on your travels and on your holidays. But if you want to do doing work, you must click on the "Business" button on the request from. Exactly the same request as for a "holiday" visa.

By choosing "business" as your destination, you can do both your work and your holidays. Choosing "Holiday" means that you can only take care of vacation and tourist affairs. If I don't get an eVisitor visa, what happens? When you are not entitled to an eVisitor visa, there may be a number of other options for you.

It may be necessary to file a request for paperwork with the closest local Australia Consulate. Need kids visa? Yes, kids need a visa to travel to Australia. You must complete the same registration request forms as adult students and must make the same payment. No specific eVisitor visa requirement exists for Australia for kids.

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