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Über "MasterCard Secure Code" et "Verified by Visa". E-mails usually contain a mixture of fake and real information and ask the recipient to set a new secure password for his Verified by Visa account. What is 3-D Secure Authentication? > Learn everything you need to know about Secure 3-D Authentification and how to deploy it on your website. This means that you can ensure that your and your customers' on-line transaction is secure.

And what is 3-D Securehentication? Supported by large map vendors, Secure 3-D is a system developed to help secure consumers and merchants during on-line transaction.

When it comes to 3-D Secure, there are three major aspects: In the event that a client makes a purchase on the website of a merchant using 3-D Secure, he will be directed to the merchant's website prior to the purchase. Which advantages does the use of 3-D Secure have? Secure 3-Dhentication provides secure access for both merchants and shoppers who shop on-line.

As soon as a merchant has completed the 3-D Secure authorization procedure, the merchant's responsibility for the sale is assigned to the merchant. That means, if the client alleges that he has not authorized the transactions, the cardholder is liable for the refund of his funds. Traders are thus shielded from unauthorized reversals of transactions and don't loose anything when it comes to deceptive aspects of a settlement.

In addition to the monetary benefits, this also means that retail stores have fewer issues to resolve with consumers - which saves valuable resources and saves valuable hands. 3DSecure gives shoppers an added measure of shopping safety by knowing that their credit is better guarded against fraud. Can I accept my credit via 3-D Secure?

Every charge or charge credit from these vendors may be eligible for 3-D Secure when used on-line. Is there a limit to the use of it? When your company is accepting on-line transactions and you want to make sure that you and your clients are safe, our default pay gateways and terminals package includes 3-D Secure for Visa and Mastercard.

Our fast and dependable services allow us to get your on-line payments portal up and running in just 24hrs.

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