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Learn why you can use this service to apply for a Brazil visa, as listed in the table below. Type the text shown in the image. Before submitting your resume, please be sure to check the information below, view and agree to the General Business Considerations and Data Protection Notice.

Using this facility, you can obtain a visa for Brazil as listed in the following chart. The above charges are in US dollars and are non-refundable regardless of the visa type.

Claimants must enrol, fill in the visa request form, submit a required paper, reply to a number of enquiries made during the visa request procedure, and pay by either bank transfer or direct debiting in order to finalise the same. Candidates must have a machine-readable single pass for at least one period of validity from the date you submit your visa request.

It is however advisable that your pass be issued at least 30 workingdays later in the event of unexpected events and for the length of your trip. You cannot use this option to send applications to a child who is registered in their parent's or guardian's identity card. In order to finalise the request, all candidates need clear colour e-skans of the following items:

At the time of filing the petition, if the petitioner is a minors, i.e. under 18 years of age, he/she must submit supplementary documentation from the mother or father as follows. Applicants will choose one parental, one parental, two parental and one statutory custodian. Applicants who choose both parental one and parental two must submit photo pages, photos of both parental members and a consent form autographed by both of them.

When selecting a parental or parental authority, the requester must submit any applicable documents proving why only one parental or parental authority is authorised and not both together with the Passbio page and the photo of the parental or parental authority.

The following documentation must be available before you begin your application: Declaration of consent for children, autographed by both parents/guardians.

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