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Waterfield Bank and Metavante sign agreement Meterant (NYSE:MV), a global bank and payment processing firm, today announces that Waterfield Bank has entered into an extensive alliance with Metavante Corporation that encompasses Metavante's key bank technologies and other Metavante related technologies and offerings. For nearly 100 years, Waterfield Bank has been a premier bank offering finance solutions with bank locations in California, Indiana and Metrozone Washington D.C., mortgage lending manufacturing facilities in Florida, Maryland and New Jersey, and on-line bank functions for clients around the globe.

Under the terms of the long-term arrangement, Waterfield Bank will deploy Metavante's Integrated Bankingservices ( "IBS"), a complete outsourcing central computing solution that addresses the strategy needs of banks. Through Metavante's IBS, Waterfield implements a full range of bank and payment products, including ATM technical assistance, credit cards, client relations, electronics bank, electronics payment, electronics payment, electronics payment, imagery and NYCE networking.

Supplied on the same built-in trading platforms, the BFA will also use Metavante's Brokered Fund Accounting (BFA) to better service its privately labeled banks. The Waterfield Banksolution will help monitor recoverable and investible assets efficiently through the use of automatic computation and report tooling that optimise analytics and reserves handling. In addition, Waterfield Bank's personal loans, Waterfield Mortgage, Web-based Mortgage Studio (LOS) and Metavante's Internet Direkt offerings will be used to rationalise their overall credit delivery platforms and add value to their clientele.

The LOS is fully interoperable with Metavante's flagship bank solutions and allows Waterfield Bank to leverage client information when generating new credit requests and transfer credit closure information to its flagship system for use. Metavante's products enable borrower and creditor to fill in both on-line credit requests and leads which are then sent digitally to the originator's electronic origination system and creditor throughput.

The end outcome for us will be a joint technological foundation across Waterfield to help standardize our practice and accelerate credit production," said J. Randall Waterfield, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Waterfield Bank's investment group. "Now that many of our creditors have left the wholesaling markets, we are expanding our credit business franchise and seeking further efficiency gains and expansion through the use of Metavante-based technologies.

" "Waterfield is taking the chance to expand its operations and close the gap left by our competitive rivals in a demanding and consolidating economy," said Jamie Geschke, Metavante Banking Solutions President. "WATERFELD knows that for a company to achieve profitable growth, it is essential to use embedded technologies to improve operating efficiencies.

Metavante will continue to show case its leading role in the global finance sector with offerings such as Metavante's flagship processor suite, which works with our brokered funds accounting software, and will deliver efficient, end-to-end technological delivery to help customers such as Waterfield drive their growth."

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