Ways to Check your Credit Score

Possibilities for checking your creditworthiness

What is a credit report? Over a million young persons were denied credit more than fivefold, as numbers from µSwitch show. Even more serious, about 15 million individuals have never taken a look at their credit reports - the tools creditors use when they decide whether to loan you or not. What exactly are they, what is in them, who uses them, what for and how can you check yours to get a better shot at acceptance - we tell you everything.

You ever get turned down for a loan? Which is a credit reference? We have three major credit reporting companies - Experian, Equifax and CallCredit. Credit information is a standard credit report: A horrible amount of poeple check your credit reference - it's not that costly to do and is a fast way to find out how reliable/responsible you are.

Among the persons known to check them are: Borrowers - anyone from bankers to Payday Borrower and Mortgagor will review your review before granting you credit (or saying "no"). One of the most important credit information service companies offers a free credit check. Equifax and Expert give you 30 free trial keys - so you can search for bugs and see what's going on.

CallCredit, via the Noddle facility - gives you free lifelong credit information on your account. An annotation appears on your credit statement where you can tell what is going on while the bug is being checked. First, it is not possible to get an "excellent" review if you are not signed up to poll at your actual adress.

There' s no point in having them if you don't use them, and if you have old ones it can affect your "available credit" number - which could scare prospective creditors. Unless you've never had a credit or debit card before, have taken out a mortgage and don't have an outstanding balance, you'll be struggling to show that you're accountable because there's no proof that you're repaying debts.

To open a credit or debit account for poor credit, use it and then pay it back in full every single months - even for small sums - can help. Oh, and don't advertise for many things in a hurry - creditors can worry about it and it can make you look frantic for credit.

Requests remain on your record for six month, so if you are denied, please delay this long before reapplying - and possibly use a utility to find out how likely it is that you will be approved for a credit before you apply (and possibly be denied).

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