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The Experian Website/Login is the worst thing I've ever experienced, and customer service is even worse. Your websites should tell you what they are looking for. The pricing is almost identical to Experian and the other big competition:

Stammgruppe | Your credit rating

The Rental Exchange is a system that offers better credit ratings to clients. We have a system known as Rental Exchange with Experian, the UK's largest credit bureau, and Big Issue Invest (part of the well-known Big Issue Group). Mietbörse is a way to boost your credit information without having to conclude new credit contracts.

This is done taking into consideration the rental payments historical as evidence of creditworthiness and dependability, just as the mortgages historical can be credited to a credit profil. In Home Group, we want to help our clients and make sure they have equal advantages with mortgagors.

Shared use of your lease histories also contributes to creating an on-line credential. It is our belief that you should get credit for your lease in the same way as house owners do with their mortgages pay. Mietbörse is a way to improve your credit information without having to conclude new credit contracts.

Share your rent collection will also help build an on-line credential that proves that you are who you say you are and that you are where you say you are. Good credit rating means you may find it simpler to open a banking relationship, get better prices for natural gas as well as power, and get better wireless tariffs.

For example, if you request the opening of a new banking area, the merchant will ask for your approval to check your credit reports with Experian. As part of the rental exchange, you can generate an on-line ID. Paying your rental in full by housing allowance does not affect your creditworthiness, neither positive nor negative.

When part of your rental is covered by housing benefit and you cover the remainder, your credit will be deducted from your creditworthiness. So if you begin to get your benefit directly from Universal Credit or do not get a full housing benefit in the near term, you must make your rental directly to us.

Your credit card will be credited against your credit record from this point on. So long as your payouts are steady and your backlogs decrease, this should have a beneficial effect on your credit spreads. Delayed or omitted rental instalments have an effect on your creditworthiness. Nevertheless, the vast majority of clients are paying their rents in full and on schedule, which will improve their creditworthiness.

When a client is not able to afford his rental, he is unlikely to be eligible for a credit or other type of contract, so the rental platform encourages accountable credit taking and extension and help prevent overindebtedness. Mietbörse will help the Home Group identifying those clients who are in financial difficulties and helping them "get back on track".

When very little information is available about your financials story or circumstance, it can be difficult to verify your identities or your reliance as a payer. However, if you do not have a lot of information about your financials past or present, it may be difficult to do so. Join the rental exchange and build your credit record to get more fair trade in goods and better service, such as better offers for housekeeping invoices.

Registration for the rental exchange is free of charge. If you are a co-tenant, you are both contracted to pay the rental so that this would be mirrored in your two credit ratings. Experian will receive your rental information, complete with your success story in payment of your rental and ancillary costs.

It is our understanding that under certain conditions there may be backlogs. Timely pay of your lease may help you find less expensive goods and service in the near term. As a result, there are loopholes in your credit histories as your lease fees are not split until you rejoin the system and this does not promote the notion of credit.

Before making a definitive choice that is best for you in person, we recommend that you review all available information. Contact the Customer Service Center, but keep in mind that your credit rating remains where it is when you sign out. Then the only way to increase your credit rating would be to take out more credit.

However, if you do not wish to take advantage of the arrangement, please complete the enquiry on this page or call the Customer Service Center within 28 working days of rental commencement. Should you choose not to take advantage of this system and do not want us to disclose your rental information, you can do so by completing the information on this page or by calling the Customer Service Center at 0345 141 4663.

It found that the usefulness of providing rental information to clients is recognized under the terms of the Privacy Act on "legitimate interests" (Data Protection Act 1998 Section 6 Sch2). Opting in to this system will ensure that these advantages can be widely exploited, while allowing clients to unsubscribe if they choose not to take advantage of the system.

We do not pass on your information until you have had the opportunity to unsubscribe. For more information on how credit reporting works and how creditors use it, please visit the Expert website: or the Citizens' Advice Bureau area. Lease account shares with credit bureaus remain on your record for six years after they are shut down.

Please contact us for unbiased guidance on how to enhance your credit rating:

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