What Credit Card to get with no Credit History

Which credit card to get if there is no credit card history?

These include creditworthiness, address details and whether you have black spots against your name, such as county court judgments (CCJs) or bankruptcies. If you have a complaint or concern about our services, you can also use this form. Best price guaranteeAnd no credit card fees. REGARDLESS OF THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES OR CREDITWORTHINESS. Display your score and transaction history to check your score.


We have developed our own credit product specifically for those whose needs are not satisfied by the credit world. The PFG is a specialised creditor with 4,940 staff, servicing 2.5 million people. Our goal is to continuously increase our income and generate competitive yields on the capital we have invested. Contribution to social integration since 1880.

Managing your multi-card is now simpler than ever.

Managing your multi-card is now simpler than ever. Download your Fiver directly onto your card - more comfort, less waste and equal. Scanning your multi-card at the checkout with your mobile is a practical option to the card. Display your score and your transactions history to review your score.

Husband indicted for ID theft, takes out 40,000 dollars in loans for tooth implants  and a Bulldogs of France.

In Central Florida, a houseless man showed a fresh grin for a prison photograph, leading to extra accusations of the theft of another man's ID to cover the cost of heavy dentistry and an expensive puppy. TimeThy Powell is charged with having used the information of a DeBary man to obtain a $40,000 dollar credit to buy tooth replacements and a Portuguese bulletin board.

Victims of ID fraud, who asked not to be designated so that this would not occur again, are now taking additional measures to avoid further stealing. I just quit using my credit card and I'm trying to use it every day," he said to Fox News. Mr Yaylin Martinez, the proprietor of the animal shop where the Dutch porpoise was bought illegal in South Florida, was discouraged by the event.

"We are a small company and we have been targetted and are now a victim of deception, as is the elderly man whose name has been taken away. Throughout the state and further south, another individual was recently indicted for ID thievery after presenting a credit card that may have been owned by someone else to cover a $4,000 dollar buck for a France bulletin.

29-year-old Bryant Frafan is wanted for serious larceny and ID fraud for supposedly having stolen the pup while clothed in women's clothes and make-up and a haircut from the All About Puppies animal shop in Largo, Florida. The only thing we hope for is the secure arrival of our puppy", said branch director Allie Julian to the WFLA.

Largo's episode happened on October 2nd.

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