What Helps your Credit Score

How can you improve your credit rating?

Credit score is a numerical calculation that helps lenders to determine the risk of loans to you and indicates how reliable you are in repaying your debt. Holding with credit card payments and bills can go a long way towards helping you maintain a good score, but life happens and things arise. Were you ever denied credit because your credit rating is not good enough? Helps improve your credit rating.

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Helps increase your credit rating.

Occasionally, council renters have difficulty accessing finance related activities such as accessible credit, banking and credit card facilities. This is often because not enough information is stored in their credit files. Credit files or scores are a person's story of the credit a person has had. Failure to have a credit score means that often poorer prices and may end up having to pay more for things like power and credit.

It is our belief that socially responsible renters should receive credit for the payment of their rental, just as those who choose to settle their mortgages do. This is why we have joined forces with Big Issue Invest and the credit bureau Experian to offer you the rental exchange, a new system to enhance your credit rating. We write to all our renters to implement the new system and describe the advantages that we believe the rental exchange will have.

Experian shares your rental information with Experian, which includes your rental and utility billing histories. Should you not wish to make use of this arrangement and wish to unsubscribe, please call 0800 0285 700. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further queries about the program or would like further information.

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