What is a Bridge Loan and how does it work

How does a Bridge Loan work and what is it?

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How does a bridge loan work? Bridge credits give designers quick and easy recourse to cash raised over a limited amount of borrowing, usually at a high interest level. However, the key argument for interim financing is that it is much quicker to arrest than other real estate lending. Hunter Finances understands that in the real estate business, chances need to be seized quickly, and this can mean that resources need to be raised within a few days rather than a few month.

The quickest turn-around from applying to obtaining the loan was 10 business workingdays. You need a bridge loan in a rush? Contact our financial support today on 01825 749721 to launch your account. Our goal is to offer our customers the best prices on the open markets.

The interest rate is determined on the base of a number of parameters, such as the duration of the loan and the amount of the loan. Interest rate can be between 8 and 18%. Prices are quoted on a case by case base. There are no advance charges and we have the best available fares.

Over the course of your career, our staff will supervise and inform you about your developments. And our contact staff visits each site on a regular basis to review our status, update our forecasts and schedules, and re-evaluate them. Speak directly to the Hunter Financial people. Our expertise in property developer financing allows us to evaluate the profitability of your project and advise you on how best to use your funds.

Please call us on 01825 749721 to discuss your housing construction needs or to request a bridge loan now.

Bridging loans - What collateral do you need?

To obtain a second batch of bridging loan, the first thing you need to do is fill in your base data; your name, your real estate that provides the collateral, the amount of the loan, etc. Some of these are already prefilled with the initial information you gave us when you made your decision in the main phase. As soon as this is arranged and mutually approved, your Second Charge Bridge Loan is final.

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