What is Bridge Loan Financing

Bridge loan financing - what is it?

You can find out more about conditions, tariffs and risks here. If you need short-term financing, a business bridging loan can be the solution. You are an owner or a company looking for a quick, flexible and short-term bridging loan? Please contact us today for our bridging finance solutions.

Real estate bridging credits

How much is a bridge loan? Loan bridge is usually used for industrial or private real estate acquisitions. If, for example, you cannot find the necessary financing for a new office building, a bridge loan is often a short-term solution. If you have a clearly delineated financing schedule, this kind of financing is useful - for example, if you are awaiting a mortgages request but need to make a real estate deal right now.

Since this type of financing aims to "bridge" a shortfall, it is geared to short-term use and the stipulated reimbursement and interest is paid in a so-called "bullet" at the end of the loan period. Bridge credits differ from forward credits in that they are specifically geared to periods of specific duration and a company can use the period to find longer-term financing that is more suitable and then refinances itself at the end of the period.

Masthaven Bank - Awarded Bridge Loans and Bridge Loans

Bridge credits are a short-term credit facility for situations where promptness and dependability are critical. This is our default off-the-shelf item. Settled bridge financing requires the services of an FCA supervised intermediary. Talk to your brokers to find out if a bridge loan is the best choice for your financing needs.

Specialized in bridge financing, our experts have many years of expertise in the provision of short-term credit. Many years of credit business expertise will be brought to our new team.

Bridge loans | Think Business

Which are bridge credits? Frequently used for real estate redevelopment purposes, it does not have to be specifically designed for this purpose and can therefore be of great value to new companies or operations where sales or returns are not expected to be achieved for several month or years. The THINK Bridge provides funding opportunities for a number of different scenarios, such as

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