What is Credit Rating

What's the credit rating?

Rating agencies - what are they? Learn how to manage a credit card, how to check your credit report and how to improve your credit rating. Creditworthiness? Standard & Poor's, for example, downgraded its AAA rating for the US administration, in part because the discussions that resulted in an agreement last weekend to raise the credit line "lasted too long" and "were sometimes too divisive". Biggest are Moody's, Standard and Poor's and Fitch Racings.

As a rule, agents are paid for their service either by the borrowers requesting the rating or by subscription customers who obtain the posted credit rating and related credit report.

What is the rating value? How do the Standard and Poor's letters of credit mean? AAA, AA, A and BB are considered investments grades by the markets. Credit assessments in the BB, B1, CCC, CC and C6 classes are considered significant features of speculation. Credits from " AA " to " CCC " can be changed by adding a plus (+) or minus (-) symbol to represent a comparative position within the main credit rating category.

NRA indicates that no credit rating has been required, that there is not sufficient information on which a credit rating can be based, or that S&P does not fundamentally assess a particular commitment. Which is an Outlook-File? A S&P rating outlooks evaluates the possible directions in which a rating will move in the next six month to two years.

Fitch's S&P have put British creditworthiness on ice, but have warned Brexit.

After robbing the UK of its first-class "AAA" rating, both rating agencies maintained their "AA" rating with a gloomy view and warned that they were likely to be downgraded again. "S&P said in a declaration that "the adverse outlook reflected the continuing political and economical uncertainties associated with the Brexit talks and the UK's prospective relations with its biggest goods and service markets, the EU".

Another demotion could occur if S&P becomes more aware of the risks of a disordered brexit or if foreign investment starts to pull out the funds financing the UK's large external shortfall. Mr Fitch said the absence of a clear UK policy and the EU's bargaining power - not to speak of a shortage of early March 2019 flight dates - would make it difficult for the UK to come up with a positive agreement.

Responding to this, the UK authorities stated that Prime Minister Theresa May's Florence address last week had brought new momentum to the Brexit talks, with the EU now starting to prepare internally for an implementing timeframe and relations for the foreseeable future. 17.3.2006 C 318/24 The EU is now ready to take on the role of the European Union's new leader in the Brexit area. "We are not smug about the challenge ahead, but we are confident about the prospects as good business is in the interest of both sides," a spokesman for the governments said in a declaration.

The two rating firms pointed to the weak state of the May administration after it lost its parliamentary bill in an early elections that it did not have to name.

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