What is my Credit Rating Score

How do I rate my creditworthiness?

All the information collected about you is used to create a credit report that generates a numerical value called a "credit report". The total score of a student's final diploma is made up of the combined values for each subject. M& S hasn't allowed me to use my voucher for Christmas dinner? Shall I give my daughter a loan to buy the house she's renting from me?

"Man works very well, thank you, my friend."

Evaluation of the International Baccalaureate program.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program (DP) uses both internal and external evaluated elements to evaluate pupil attainment. External graded courses that are taken by learners over a longer timeframe under accredited instructor guidance are part of the grading for several program areas, among them the article entitled TOK (Theory of Knowledge) and EE (Extended Essay).

Pupils also take homework assessments in most disciplines. They are either evaluated by external experts or by the teacher and then facilitated by the IO. At the DP, pupils get marks from 7 to 1, with 7 being the highest. For every DP course tried, a mark is given to the course participants. The total score of a student's degree diploma is made up of the combination values for each field.

Diplomas are issued to candidates who score at least 24 points, provided that they have achieved a certain level of proficiency, which includes the achievement of the three main parts of the DP-Kernel. Each of the following components: Wissenstheorie (TOK) and Erweiterte Arbeit (EE) are given single marks and can together add up to 3 points to the overall mark of the degree.

Creativity, action, service - the residual component in the DP nucleus - does not add to the overall score, but authentication is a prerequisite for the awards. Although there are differences in scale between SL and LL classes, they are evaluated using the same note deccriptors, and LL students are required to prove the different features of the note deccriptors to a greater degree of skill, comprehension and cognition.

Bi-lingual diplomas are issued to applicants who obtain a mark of 3 or higher in two different foreign and German speaking countries chosen from the DP Programme in Foreign and German Literature. Those who achieve a mark of 3 or higher in linguistic and literary study and a mark of 3 or higher in individual and social study or natural sciences, and who graduate in another foreign country, also obtain the bi-lingual degree.

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