What is on my Credit Report

So what does my credit report say?

Just think of your credit report as your financial resume. I have checked my credit rating, but how can I improve it? Too bad for these financial institutions that use the information provided by Equifax. Delay in my credit report Presently trying to get a hypothec as a 1 st buyer and was declined due to my creditworthiness. I had to go to my place store to have that additional cash taken away.

Thus I was paying monies asked over the telephone and signing up to a new telephone deal with EE (who have been 10x better than vodafone). it affects my credit.

A reluctant I was paying the 137 as I was afraid of it affecting my credit and knew I would briefly be requiring a mortgages. This I ignored because it came just after I payed 137 and thought it had to be a late mail that was in November 2016.

How much information do you pass on to credit bureaus?

If you need further information, please refer to our privacy statement. As with many other utility companies, we disclose your personally identifiable information to credit bureaus and obtain your personally identifiable information from them. If you, like most of our clients, settle your invoice on schedule, the transfer of your information can also have a positive effect on your creditworthiness.

As long as you are a client, we will pass on your person-related data to rating agencies. Credit rating agencies may pass this information on to other companies that wish to review the credit rating in order to report a failure. You will find the relevant information in our privacy policy: You will find here a link to the information notes for each of the Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) we use:

For more information about the credit rating agencies and the way they handle and disclose your information, please refer to the credit rating agency's information sheet here. In case you do not settle your bill after we have sent you a dunning letter, we may ask you to register a "standard" in your credit card that indicates that you have not used it.

When a failure is recorded, it will stay in your credit history for six years, regardless of whether it is balanced or overdue, and this may impair your creditworthiness. Credit reference agencies (CRAs) may provide you with text warnings or e-mails informing you of any changes to the information they store when you use them.

Possibly you will get this information if we make a change or change the information provided to the credit agencies for you. You may not see your Severn Trent Water Credit Contract on your credit report while these changes are being made, and may even be shown as canceled. Their credit histories are predicated on information that the credit report providers have accessed.

That varies according to who you are creating your credit report with and what information they deem you.

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