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It is the ratio of loan to value. Loan Origination is an innovative application for direct and indirect loans that has raised the bar for automated solutions. Discover how Lending Stream works on cash loan streaming process for short-term loans and payday loans. Credit-to-value is a common term in the media when the real estate market is discussed. We explain what it is and why it's important.

Loan words and loan translation

Many of the words in British are taken from different tongues around the globe. Words commonly known as loans are divided into two categories: loan words and loan texts. Borrowing a phrase is a concept taken from another tongue and used without being translated; it has a special significance that (typically) does not otherwise coexist in a solitary one.

Occasionally the punctuation or accent (or both) of the term is slightly changed to do justice to British punctuation, but in most cases it remains in its native tongue. On the other side, a loan text (also known as Calque) is a term or expression from another linguistic area that is partially or wholly converted into corresponding words in England without losing its initial meanings.

n. A type of loan from one vocabulary to another in which the semiantic elements of a given concept are verbatim transcribed into their equivalent in the lending vocabulary. Englischer superman, for example, is a loaner from the German superhuman. Fifth Edition American Heritage® Dictionary of the German Speech.

n. 1. a composite term or phrase made up by translating each of the components of a link from a different tongue as Evangelium (Old English g?dspell) from the ancient euangélion "good news". The method by which such a link is made. The Random House Kernerman Webster's College Dictionary, © 2010 K Dictionaries Ltd.

Enhancement to Loans Management

Be it the purchase of structural loans, investments in loan trusts or the establishment of loan trusts, today personal loans represent an important flow in the sea of financing worldwide. At the same time, this core asset class also presents a number of challenging opportunities. Personal loans remain a relatively iilliquid physical loan outlay.

Investment manager need specific system and operative expertise to assist with different lending policies and tools. The operative infra-structure in this young and expanding sector is still at a mature stage of development. In particular, this applies to the ability of commercial loan officers to manage credits. Both BNP Paribas, an incumbent of some of the world's top retail loan foundations, and the Alternative Credit Council, the worldwide voice of the retail banking community, hosted an event for customers and members to exchange ideas on the loan management issues they face.

In addition, we have examined the operative infrastructures necessary to sustain this role. It is our pleasure to be able to communicate the results of the questionnaire to you and we look forward to hearing from you on how you can best manage your personal loan funds. Privately owned banks have always been entrepreneurial: their early expansion was driven by managerial staff who took the chance to lend to subprime countries.

Over the following years, personal loans have increased strongly, enabling the funding of the wider economies and contributing to job creation. Both newer and more mature retail loan managers' fund-raising level suggests that this expansion will persist; research by the Alternative Credit Council (ACC)[1] shows that the retail banking sector will achieve $1 trillion in managed wealth by 2020.

However, this fast pace of economic development can easily make one lose sight of the fact that personal loans are still a relatively young sector with a mature business environment. This is nowhere more true than for the loan manager's skills in managing credit: the mid- and back-office facets of a loan application and the associated managerial risks.

These components of a manager's operative infrastructures can be a major resource for significant competition advantages. Correct loan management functionality enables individual loan officers to simply and efficiently track and administer their credits - a major hurdle in an industry that uses paper-based documents and focuses on non-standard credits. Strong loan management capabilities offer a sound basis for the continued expansion of personal loan officers and enable them to align this expansion with the need to offer tailor-made loan management services to their customers.

In order to find out more about loan management and how individual loan officers can get the most out of their loan management capabilities, BNP Paribas Securities Services and ACC carried out the study presented in this article. Secondly, the ACC carried out a set of organised interviewees meetings in order to better identify the main problems faced by retail loan officers in loan management.

1 ] The Alternative credit council (ACC) is a body representing wealth managers in the area of personal loans and loans. They represent over 100 members who together administer 350 billion dollars in personal loans.

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