What's the best Bank to get a Mortgage from

Which is the best bank to obtain a mortgage?

Credit scoring guidelines contain all the details on what to do. See more under "Help with mortgages". Review with a variety of lenders to see what your options are. What is the best interest rate for my Spanish mortgage as a foreigner, as a non-resident? Which is the ideal customer for a bank?

Repayment of your mortgage at the end of the period

Importantly, you should make plans as to how you will pay back the remaining amount of your mortgage at the end of the life. Periodically review your redemption schedule to make sure it stays on course. So if your scheme does not make enough money available to pay back your mortgage at the end of the life, you should make alternate arrangements now and it may be necessary to resell your home.

Are you afraid to pay back your remaining part? A number of options are available to bridge the gaps between your mortgage portfolio and the value of your existing redemption schedule, such as an asset or saving programme (e.g. ISA, life insurance or annuity package ) used to pay back a pure interest mortgage at maturity.

There are no charges for changing from a pure interest mortgage to a principal and interest redemption mortgage. It ensures that your mortgage is paid back at the end of its life. An overpayment is when you put an additional amount in your mortgage with the goal of decreasing your long-term interest or shortening your maturity.

When you have a fixed-rate mortgage, you can exceed up to 10% of your mortgage due each year. However, if you exceed 10% per year during the period of validity, a prepayment penalty is payable. As soon as your contract ends, you do not have to make a prepayment penalty.

Clients who have a mortgage can make indefinite payments without early redemption penalty. Please refer to the Tariff pages for detailed information on Early Redemption Fees. Lifelong mortgage is a type of capital relief that is provided against your home and is paid back in the event of your life or change to long-term nursing treatment.

Lifelong mortgages are not for everyone and acceptability is governed by admission requirements. Keep in mind that it is your responsability to make sure that you have sufficient resources to pay back your mortgage at the end of its life.

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