Whats the best Credit Card to have

What's the best credit card you can have?

Which other functions would you like your card to have? The best credit card for cash back, air miles and operating points. Whilst the administrator concerned with recovering your money can be disappointing, this increase in your expenses can make you quid if you are playing your tickets correctly and using a special money back or reward credit card. Your best program depends on how much you pay, whether you already earn points and where you go.

We' ve put the numbers together so you can pick the most profitable card for yourself, which offers free airline mileage, award points and cash back. There are some important precautions to take before we go into the detail of each card. The interest will far exceed the value of any benefits or refunds, which is why a standing order has been established to settle the full amount each and every months.

A new Preferred Rewards credit card has been introduced to American Express that paid member rewards. These points' main advantage is that they can be exchanged as with a fistful of well-known airlines, such as British Airways, Emirates Skywards, Etihad Guest and Virgin Atlantic FlyingClub. It is a premier card with an annuity of £140, but it will be cancelled for the first year (and 22. 9 percent interest on expenses).

20,000 Member Rewards if you are spending 2,000 within three month, two points per 1 pound on expenses in local currencies or airlines reservations. American Express Rewards offer 10,000 Member Rewards points if you spent 1,000 within three month. I' ll give you the same point for every 1 pound of the card. Nine percent APR. Nine percent APR.

That' s enough for a round trip from London to Marrakech with BA or to LA with Virgin Atlantic. Every monthly, top up 500 for work-related spending, increasing your winnings to 48,000 points and making a free Hong Kong Virgin Atlantic back trip to London valuable. When booking a room for two or more evenings through the Membership Rewards website, you can also receive a free room upgrades and a $75 (£53) room credit.

We have two longstanding, eye-catching offers that cost up to 5 percent, and some that, along with other discounts, provide lower prices. First, the American Express Platinum Cashback credit card is the best for anyone who probably bets 9,000 pounds or more on their card. 1% up to 10,000, 1. 25% to 10,001 and above, 5% in the first three month (up to 125 pounds).

9% (28.2% APR). One £1,000 a month will earn 195 pounds in the first year after the charges, and 100 pounds each year after this. Nationwide's Select Credit Cardpays 0. santander has an all-in-one credit card that paid zero. Five percent cash back. NatWest's Rewards Credit Card repay 1 percent back on expenses at the store and everything that is issued with one of its MyRewards retail stores.

The rest has risen by 0.5 percent. Expend up to 5,000 and make 0.5 per cent, 5,001 pounds or more you make 1 per cent, 5 per cent in the first three month (up to 100 pounds). 9% interest rate per annum. They reimburse less than 0.5 percent for expenses, but you also get free expenses and payouts abroad.

An amount of 12,000 for the card would bring you 60 pounds in a year or 90 pounds, plus 500 pounds per months in operating costs. For a long time now, Avio's credit card has been a popular companion for travellers on corporate trips. As an alternative, the American Express British Airways credit card can be used without interest and an annuity of 22.

Nine percent APR. Nine percent APR. £1,000 a month would bring you 17,000 vios plus the extra reward. This year Virgin Money introduced its Virgin Atlantic card to the market, succeeding MBNA, which last year withdrawn its credit card offer. There are no Virgin Atlantic short-haul points in Europe, but you get more of your money when you redeem your points.

Similar to BA, Virgin Money has two choices. 9% interest on your purchase and gets you: Put an additional 500 per month on top of the expenses and increase the number to 42,000. When you choose the free edition, The Virgin Atlantic Reward Cardwith is the 22nd edition. You receive 9 percent interest APR:

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