When can I Remortgage

How soon can I withdraw my mortgage?

Chord Remortgage Service | Chord Remortgage Guide We have partnered with eConveyancer to provide new product offerings with the free Remortgage Only service. Free Remortgage Legal Service provides free work from a meticulously screened group of lawyers from across the UK, Northern Ireland included. We cover the cost of a lawyer's fee for a regular remortgage, but the cost of non-standard work is borne by your customer. eConveyancer selects the lawyer from a pool of lawyers who have been thoroughly screened.

There is a prepaid default rating for all our items. Claim tracing - Sign in to Accord eConveyancing to see your status. Take a look at our on-line Inventory Locator to choose a Remortgage Service deals that fits your customer. When your clients need judicial service, they should hire their own judicial counsel.

Choose a Remortgage Service products during our on-line recruitment procedure. We will inform eConveyancer to hire the lawyer upon receiving your fully filled mortgages claim paper. The Accord eConveyancing credentials are displayed so that you can trace the case. If your customers react promptly and the case can be handled as a default remortgage deal, it will be ready quickly.

It is our expectation that 80% of default repatriation cases should be closed with a fee within 15 working days of receiving the quote (excluding Northern Ireland). Q. What does "Free Remortgage Legal Service" really mean? We believe that the usual retransfer business for your customers is free of cost for both owner-occupied and leased property.

Chord pays the first 40 pounds. It is not a complete listing; your customer should make sure he reads his records thoroughly and is aware of any applicable charges. Q. What happens if the case demands extra work beyond that in a default retransfer case? Your lawyer will contact your lawyer and inform you about the extra work and expenses.

Accord eConveyancing's traceability system will be upgraded accordingly. Q. I already use Accord eConveyancing for other cases, can I keep the same registration? In addition, Remortgage Service cases are uniquely identified as such in the Accord eConveyancing system. Q. Will I be charged for using the Remortgage Service via Accord eConveyancing?

A. While you will get your normal referral fees, to keep the price of the products competitively, there is no extra charge for using this feature. Your advantage is a quick, uncomplicated and free of charge customer support for you and your customers. Accord will pay the lawyers directly on your clients' account for default mortgage cases.

Q. If I choose a Remortgage Service attorney for a specific item that does not provide the Remortgage Service with the free Remortgage Legal Service, what happens? An. Your customer will be directly burdened by the attorney with all judicial work performed by the attorney in relation to the reversal.

In this case, please be aware that your mandate must appoint the lawyer.

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