Where can I get a free Credit Score

How can I get a free credit check?

A credit scoring model developed by Fair Issac Corporation. FreeCreditScore.com to consumers: Do a better business FreieCreditScore.com has introduced Make a Better Commercial Than We Did, a competition that encourages participants to design an inventive end to an advert on TV that advertises the website's Score Planner, an on-line finance resource that can help users better grasp the effects of their activities on their credit. FreieCreditScore.

com has added four separate extensions to the ad, showing a young pair on a settee that plays with the current Scoreplaner controls, and a fictitious third control that makes things fickle and insane possible.

free credit score. com's suffixes include: Those who decide to make their contribution can either post a clip or shoot it with their cam on the competition page. When they decide to do the latter, a monitor will appear on which the pair on the sofa will face the one the participant is currently on. Capture the movie for at least 10 seconds.

Participants can then customize the image, select one of 25 responses from the pair on the sofa - such as "Is that your mother?" or "Another Petsideo? We see enormous acceptance due to its simplicity," says Chaplin. According to FreeCreditScore.com, there are about 1,500 qualifying videos submitted to date.

This top-class contribution receives a main award of 25,000 US dollars. The FreeCreditScore.com says these subscribers are suitable for extra prices such as a Bret Michaels-labeled facsimile and china poodle. How do I get the money? Furthermore, these weeklies will be able to realize their idea of Rhett and Link, a funny duet that makes web movies and owns a web videoproduction outfit.

Judge members included the FreeCreditScore.com creativity group, The Martin Agentur, Rhett and Link. Starting on February 19, Chaplin says FreeCreditScore.com has received tens of thousands of records. FreieCreditScore.com's audiences are 25 to 54 years old grown-ups who are helping to improve their personal finances and protect what they have, says Chaplin.

In order to advertise the promotion, FreeCreditScore.com will place extra advertisements with the pair disconnected with the news "Got a better way to end this commercial...?" as well as a digitial promotion via websites such as The Huffington Post. Furthermore, FreeCreditScore.com uses the #bestcommercial hash tag on Twitter, although hash tags also appear for State Farm, AT&T and Ram.

FreieCreditScore.com is part of a suite of on-line credit reports that are part of ConsumerInfo.com, Inc.

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