Where can I get a Loan

How can I get a loan?

When you are sick or disabled and live on a low income, there may be times when you need to borrow money. Maybe if you don't have an SSN, you're wondering if it's possible to get approved for a car loan. How can I get a loan from personal creditors, apart from P2P?

My story is shit because of the transfer. I began using the Citi debit in 2013, at that point I was working with the United Health Group and in April 2015 I received an HSBC quote, but at that point I owed Citicard 150000 in this 78000 use by a boyfriend, but he hasn't been able to pay it back yet.

So I was not conscious that cash this period and I immediately after the accession bank me entering isbc and they asked me to 9 or 8 month, then only we can give you loans, but after that FNF was approved by the United Health Group was in credit in Citi and received waived-off for the outstanding amount and I waited 7 month to finish.

Finally chibil got confused and every banks began to refuse my loan and thats how i came to know about the thing chibil. but it took me almost more than a year to clear everything (not settlement) and asked banks to refresh the same in my chibil as i came to know the value of chibil now. it has been 8 months now and when i have been applying for loans for the amount of 1 lakh to do a course and some other things, they locate my prehistory that took place during my job, neither banks looks at the payments story between my prehistory that took place during my jobs, no banks looks at the payments story between the two.

The Kotak Mahindra were calling me about the loan and I told them this and they took all the papers and blanks and got a penalty note after the 3rd and 5th of Mar. which was supposedly my first em and on the 4th of Mar. it was rejected. Why they tell me about the issue is the one I already told them, and they said ok at the moment of application and gave me a penalty Am, which only wonders about the banking that they want to make cash by gambling safely.

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