Where can I go to get a Payday Loan

So where can I go to get a payday loan?

Subway News Specifically, the company announced this mornings that it has discontinued borrowing while "options are valued". Wonga is home to Balderton Capital, Accel Partners and 83North. Early this week, the creditor said its fighting was due to a "significant" rise in the number of individuals claiming historical credit.

When Wonga is confronted with a flood of critique over the high interest it demands on its credits, it has been blamed for turning against those who are fragile.

This is how you demand

Creditors like Wonga and Quick Quid were blamed for sluggish sales in repaying clients who charge sky-high interest on short-term credits they had no hopes of repaying. Pay Day Refunds' Vincent Vernon said it handles 32,000 customer receivables, a fourth of them with Wonga.

It surfaced last weekend that Wonga had to ask his own financiers for 10million to rescue it from bankruptcy. Write down what you recall when you took out the loan (how simple it was, or whether they gave you more money). At this point, tell us your current position, how your credit has affected you and whether you have had credit from more than one company.

Payday loan Wonga: If you have a payday loan - Do you still have to repay a loan? UK | News

How does this affect your current customer base? Still have to repay your loan? Payday lenders are known for charging massive interest fees on customer borrowed credit, with short-term interest at 1.509 per cent APR. A spokesman for Wonga said in a statement: "It was decided to transfer Wonga Group Ltd, WDFC UK Ltd, Wonga Worldwide Ltd and WDFC Services Ltd to the management.

Wonga's in the office. Why? How do existent clients do if they have a payday loan? It has been announced that there are about 220,000 Wonga clients currently affected by the administrative process. Thornton will act as administrator and monitor the refunds of our clients. For clients, there will be no changes in the way in which credits are repaid at the present time.

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