Where do I get my Credit Score

How do I get my credit rating?

How can I check my score? They can do this with the three UK credit rating companies or reference agencies Experian, Equifax and Callcredit. View reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about My Credit Score.

My credit rating on the App Store

Britain's most beloved free credit rating utility on the iPhone! The My Credit Score provides you with an approximate credit score and credit rating system on the basis of the actual UK bank and bank performance data. Featuring UK's top credit rating agency ruling model driven technologies, the UK's credit rating agency has 15 years experience in providing credit management solutions for the UK's retail, wholesale and retail sectors.

The My Credit Score uses this technique to give you a clue as to what your score will be, and to guide you through each of the key areas that will impact your credit. It provides a useful, easy and free credit research utility for customers to research their own creditworthiness, perfect for conserving credit card, loan and mortgage application times and costs, or even to help understanding the decision behind lease-purchase and wireless contract decisions.

It is our philosophy to help customers learn more about their own creditworthiness and banks' views, enhance and better their creditworthiness, and in turn help customers reduce costs in the financial complexities. Check My Credit Score for new capabilities as we develop more utilities, widgets as well as capabilities that help customers safe cash and increase their credit.

Since you have not performed a credit assessment properly, you cannot rely on this application. I still got a score of 368?

and non-traditional underwriting data: Research paper on credit scoring with digital footprints published by FDIC

Besides a credit score of a credit agency, the researchers' dataset also contains a record of ten digitally stored carbon footprints: the e-mail supplier (e.g. Gmail or Yahoo); two information about the e-mail addresses selected by the users (with first and/or last name and a number); a human typo for a typo when the e-mail addresses were entered.

Combining these and the credit score enabled the investigators to evaluate the discrimination capability of the D-footprint variables both individually, against the credit score and together with the credit score. The results suggest, according to the research, that "even the simplest, readily available pay, personality, and reputational parameters from the DWF' s standard forecasting tool are very useful.

The results were in line, for example, with another survey which found that ownership of an iPhone is one of the best predicators for being in the top quarter of the revenue mix - a result which means that the consumer's selection of the phone is "an easy to access proxies for otherwise difficult to obtain revenue data".

Furthermore, the investigators found that clients who came from a comparative pricing site were almost half as often behind schedule as clients who were referred to the site via seach engines (which, according to the investigators, is in line with market research that documents the importance of personal attributes for impulse buying ) and that clients who had their name in the e-mail addresses were 30% less likely to be behind schedule.

Acknowledging that these results have an impact on consumer, business and regulatory authorities, the research community is committed to the development of a new approach to the use of electronic communications. Consumer incentives could be provided to encourage changes in behaviour if digitised fingerprints are frequently used for credit rating purposes, companies associated with low-rated goods can appeal against the use of digitised fingerprints and conceal the digitisation of their product fingerprints, and regulatory authorities are likely to pursue and verify whether digitised fingerprints are proxies for variable that are forbidden by law from being used for credit rating purposes (including equitable credit laws).

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