Where to Check Credit Score

How can creditworthiness be checked?

This is your credit report & live credit score. Since everyone can calculate their score differently, it makes sense to check all three.

Improving your credit rating

Caution - your credit spending is not a best-kept secret. Your credit spreads are not a best kept secret. Your credit spreads are not a best kept mystery. Equifax, Experian and CallCredit, the three largest UK businesses, gather information about our relationships with lenders, from banking and wireless to loyalty calling. If you are applying for a credit or debit card, these transactions are reviewed to show how dangerous a client could be for you.

WHAT DOES CREDIT SCANNING DO? A large part of the information used by creditors comes from credit assessment firms. Well, it gives you a number that's your credit rating. But the credit ratings differ between the three credit rating providers and are just one of the things that are taken into consideration - your pay and past business with the creditor.

Our score is only a general orientation. When you only want to check your credit files as a single item, you can charge each agent 2 for your "legal" one. They' re gonna give you what's known as an indication of creditworthiness. Since everyone can compute their score differently, it makes good business to check all three.

Equifax, for example, has values of up to 700, Experian up to 999 and CallCredit between one and five. You can check your credit card as often as you like on-line for a month ly amount - usually £15. CallCredit also provides a credit check known as Noddle, but instead of charging a commission, you get advertisements from creditors for their products," Jonquil states.

Credit Scoring can be quite unpredictable if you have a "thin" credit file," says Tashema Jackson, financial analyst at uSwitch.com. This means that the agents don't know much about you either, because you've never had a credit, worked abroad or had invoices issued in the name of an ex-partner. One good way to establish a good credit rating is to open a cell bank or credit bank accounts with the Credit Builders - see moneysupermarket.com.

We are always advised to move from one interest-free credit to another, but if any of the applications leave a "hard search" in your files, your score may be corrupted.

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