Where to go for a Mortgage Loan

What to do for a mortgage loan

They will not benefit if interest rates fall, but the interest rate cannot rise either. Equity loans are available to lend you money that you can use for your deposit and repay later. Explain the terms and conditions and credit criteria, including how lenders assess affordability. You will also stress your ability to pay the mortgage, if interest rates rise.


Our commitment is to providing our customers with a first-class level of customer care that will ensure that we deliver the best possible product for their particular circumstances. Our advisory offering covers a broad spectrum of business activities, such as first purchaser mortgage, remortgage garage, buy-to-lease mortgage and endowment policies. You can also be identified as a secure credit intermediary if necessary.

We are a cross-market intermediary with immediate contact with creditors across the entire sector and a panell ist of insurance companies to whom we present our customers on a regular basis. Those vary from the big budget name to the small organization you may not even have known about. Without exerting stress on a particular organization, you can unwind when you know you're getting the best, most impartial counsel.

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Mortgage banks and intermediaries in France

Crédit Lyonnais, BNP-Paribas, Société Générale and CIC provide credit to their customers. Your tariffs are not always the most competetive, but if you are an established customer, there may be room to negotiate a preference duty. Credit Agricole, Credit Mutual, Caisse d'Epargne, Banque Populaire also provide credit to customers.

The difference between them and the central bank is that they are jointly held, and their territorial character gives them a certain amount of independence, which allows for some differences in the range of services offered from one area to another. It is the bank division of the La Poste, which also provides mortgage loans and is an unused financing resource.

It is only in recent years that La Banque Postal has been given the full right to provide home loan services and is committed to being present on the markets with low interest levels and low tariffs. Accordingly, you are likely to find that they will be be beating the rate and fee of most creditors.

When you have a steady source of earnings and are preparing to be tolerant, it is worthwhile applying for a mortgage. Entennial, l'UCB and Crédit Foncier are not custodian institutions, but often provide more interesting and competetive services to domestic residents or reciprocal societies. Credit Foncier has an offices in the London metropolitan area with an English-language website.

BCPE (Banque Populaire Caisse d'épargne), the mother company, declared in June 2018 that it would do so. Abbey National, Barclays, HSBC, Halifax and Royal Banque de Scotland are some of the major British credit institutions in France. They' re all quite aggressively looking for new customers and are certainly deserving of investigation.

An increasing and potentially interesting resource for obtaining a mortgage is to go through a real estate agent. Often agents can get better tariffs and terms because of the quantity rebate or just because they do not promote the tariffs they are willing to go to. In addition, research shows that interest rate levels differ between different areas within the same borrower and between them.

It may therefore be worth sifting through the markets on a domestic scale rather than confining oneself to banking outlets in a particular area. They need to review the charges and how they are compared to the handling charges that can be directly provided by the creditor.

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