Which Banks Offer Personal Loans

What banks offer personal loans?

Substantial increase in interest rate for personal loans Over the same two years that included the sixth consecutive quarterly downturn that ended in September, creditors raised their annual percentage rate of charge on debit credit to a 12-year high of 18. Eight percent. British Bankers' association numbers show that its members have reduced their involvement in personal loans by £15 billion in two years - from £67 billion in early 2008 to £52 billion. 3 billion in January last year.

Banks granted 29 percent less loans in the shape of personal loans in January than in January before. "There' s not a lot of hunger among creditors to grant many unsecured loans, and in recent years there has been a significant boost towards better value than quantity," said David Black, a bank researcher at Defaqto.

" It added that the creditors would also compensate for the lost profit of the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), the traditional profitable policy selling with loans. A number of high-profile creditors have been announcing strong interest rate hikes for personal loans since the beginning of 2010. Halifax Banken, now part of the partly state-owned Lloyds Group, raised its annual percentage rate of charge on loans below £5,000 from 18 to 18 in January.

8% to 22. 9% and for loans from £5,000 to £6,999, from 12. Eight percent to 19. Nine percent. This past month, companion High street Riese HSBC increased its annual percentage rate of charge from 8. 7 percent to 9. 9 percent. Mark & Spencer Money did the same for loans over £7,500.

Also, banks were compelled to reduce the amount of debt defaults as those facing the crisis are not able to make refunds. Similarly, the RBS Group borrowed 1.5bn pounds of uncollateralised loans in 2009, down from988m pounds in 2008. Last year, the Santander bank group in Spain reduced its new uncovered personal loan business by 36 per cent. 17 per cent year-on-year.

"Personal prices are offered so that they are not tied to the Bank of England basic interest rates.

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