Who is the best Mortgage Lender

Who' s the best mortgage lender?

More you can save up for a deposit, the better mortgage deal you'll likely be getting. is the " best " mortgage lender that ? finds. First Direct and Nationalwide followed in the second, Which? client dissatisfaction study.

More than 3500 mortgage buyers surveyed the client services, mortgage enquiry processes and value for price to see which mortgage providers went beyond this to provide their mortgage buyers with an excellent mortgage offering expertise.

Reality reached an astonishing 80% client value, with nine out of 10 clients stating that they had no mortgage issues. Bausparkasse was awarded five star for the versatility of its mortgage payment, and almost all (97%) clients said they were happy with their mortgage. "Chosing the right mortgage for you will probably be one of the greatest pecuniary choices you have ever made.

Virginal Mey came 4th with 76%, Coventry 5th with 75% and Skipton 6th with 73%. This year Kensington was at the end of the league with only 56% of clients. Lender got two star for value for price and we found that two third of the clients we learned about paid the floating reference value for their mortgage.

Acord Mortgages, the pure broker business of the IBS Group, performed disappointingly with a second-worst client value of 61%. Every seventh client was unhappy with his mortgage. And Julie-Ann Haines, Principality Building Society, sagte : "We are very proud to be recognized by consumer and expert magazines such as Which? as the best mortgage lender in the UK for client satifaction.

"It is much faster for clients to process their mortgage requests thanks to the simplification of the process, while we have also made investment to enhance our on-line services to compliment the stunning custom and personalized services offered by our retail and phone mates.

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