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Who' s doing Quicken?

Comprehension of the fundamentals of their moneys can make the difference not only for individual persons but also for family. Intuit Quicken®, the highest rating face-to-face cash flow manager has been helping empower consumers understand their value for cash for 30 years. The Quicken for Windows 2014, now available from Intuit Inc. INTU, assists in managing their funds and building their finance expertise.

Quicken 2014 is the most comprehensive end-to-end offering for those who want to take full charge of their cash, whether it' s paying rental, budget their daily bill or save for a home. New capabilities, plus the ability for consumers to take images of vouchers on their iPhone, iPad, iPod-touch, and Android phones and keep an eye on their purchase, make Quicken 2014 the most comprehensive choice for them.

Quicken 2014 is more useful than ever as individual and family leaders seek to gain a firm foot in an insecure world. Accelerate the research shows that among U.S. consumers: Every third person acknowledges that they lost night's rest because of worries about their finances. 15% do not open invoices because they know they cannot afford to do so.

Sixteen per cent interest, such as interest on arrears on your bank account. Like it has been for three decades, Quicken can help Americans win a firmer bottom line, whether they are new to monetary affairs and trying to move forward or plan for the futures. "There was a continuous struggle to find enough cash to settle accounts, let alone saving," said Sandy Ramos, a waiter and part-time college graduate in Oceanside, CA.

"Last year I began using Quicken, and I could see immediately where my funds were going. Consumers using the Quicken 2014 application on cell telephones or tables can synchronize a voucher with a particular banking or credential payment activity via desktops and mobiles. Top and portable equipment.

It removes paperwork and allows the user to keep a record of important transactions and make it easy to keep abreast of tax-deductible contributions. This function also assists the customer in storing guarantee information and facilitates the returning of goods. The free Quicken 2014 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android device travel application provides instant and anywhere instant check, debit and debit information and enables consumers to see immediately whether they are on target.

In seconds, it synchronizes your information between your handset and the Quicken 2014 application. Easy management of invoices: Keep ahead of invoices by inserting and displaying invoice reminiscences directly from the Quicken tab. Consumers can keep abreast of incoming invoices and planned balance and see where they are with their cash. They can also choose to settle invoices from their registry.

In 2014, Quicken 2014 provides nine proactive e-mail and text alert modes to help people stay on top of their financials. You can also get a week or month account history. In 2014 Quicken will continue to provide monetary utilities to help the user schedule for today and tomorrow: View cheque, saving, debit, credit, asset and old-age bank deposits at a single sight.

Rollover budget allows the user to move the remaining funds to the next monthly period. Your Savings Goal page and the Payback tools help you monitor your success in achieving certain goals, such as taking a holiday or setting up an contingency plan. "The 2014 Quicken Awards reflect our continued dedication to helping individuals make the most of their money," said Barry Saik, Intuit Quicken Seniors VP.

"The Quicken 2014 is accessible anywhere, at any time, and is perfect for those who want to keep track of their daily financial situation - whether it's to pay debts, balance a balance or plan changes in their lives such as literacy and retire. "The complete Quicken 2014 line of products provides full entry to the Quicken 2014 accompaniment application:

Quick Starter Edition: Designed for those with basic financial requirements; to help them organize and help them understand how to budge. Quick Deluxe: For those who want to make more saving; assists in creating individual budgeting, saving and deleveraging schedules. Accelerate the prime minister: Designed for those who want to administer investment and schedule fiscal years.

The Quicken rural properties manager: Landlords who want to administer their own financial and commercial affairs in one place.

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