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Here you can download your free digital copy. Leisure is the right time for discoveries. Take part in excursions and activities, practice your favourite sport, find new interests and hobbies.

More than 75 TV licenses - TV licenses ?

On the Isle of Man and Guernsey there has been a legislative amendment for free licensees. Here you will find all the information you need to get a free TV license for 75 years. Application for over 75 TV licenses. You can get a free TV license after your75th birthday.

On your75th birthday, please note that you will not receive a TV license for 75 or more licenses. When you are about to turn 75, please do not reverse your direct debit or any other payments for your TV license. Cancelling your direct debit after your 75% anniversary - and paying you over - we'll reimburse you the balance, where you'll find all the replies in one place.

Get 600 free prints - Get your hands on your creativity with the Snapfish App!

Use 600 free prints per year and get your pictures from your mobile device and onto your wall. It' quite straightforward, just simply browse and print the Snapfish application. Never before has it been so effortless to make personalized photographic items in our application. Our new, improved Snapfish application lets you use your mobile device to make amazing invites and thank you notes, or even make a custom photobook in just a few moments.

You don't have to upload your pictures to your desk, you can order directly from your phone. Get our free Prints App from our website and order your 600 free prints now.

It can take up to 24 hrs until your Premier Membership is active.

It can take up to 24 hrs until your Premier Membership is active. NEVER type pupil information on this page. The submission of information by students on this site violates the privacy laws of students in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

In order for your local schools or districts to meet the requirements of FERPA, COPPA, PIPEDA and other applicable data protection laws for pupils, you should NOT provide any pupil information on this page. Please note: It is not allowed for you to use your free of charge user interface for your own purposes. When using Read&Write and/or EquatIO for Google Chrome, please use the same e-mail you use to log in to Google Chrome.

Read&Write for Windows, Mac, Microsoft Edge, Android or iPad and/or EquatIO for Windows, Mac or EquatIO Mathematspace, please use the same e-mail address you use to register with the products.

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