Your credit card account

MoreThanks Yours is a non-transferable map. "Charge Schedule" means the Charge and Charge Schedule as described on the Website, as displayed on the Chart. "A " "PIN"" means the unique identifier that we may assign or release for use with your Cards. Use of your Prepaid Card shall be governed by the rates and fees shown in the Fee Schedule.

The bank service company may levy a royalty for the remittance. These charges would be in addition to those listed in the scale of charges. This is a pre-paid calling plan and the amount deposited on your calling plan is called your wallet. You are not using a customer service account, customer service account or debt collection account.

They can only disburse up to the value of the monies on them. In order to use a map, you must be at least 18 years old. We need to know some information about you before we can give you a map. All cards are subject to change without notice. We retain the right to deny issuance of a ticket.

When you get a credit note, you must subscribe to it as soon as you do. You will find the activating instruction on the package to which your credit or debit cards are affixed. You can only use your map once this has been done. You can use a map immediately after receiving it and there is no need to use it.

Wherever Mastercard is used, you can use your credit cards to buy goods and provide service. Expenditure and payout thresholds exist for the use of your credit cards; please refer to the Fee Schedule for further information. You are responsible for verifying this before continuing with your transaction. Your Prepaid or Deferred Charge may be suspended, restricted or cancelled at any given moment or we may decline to issue a Prepaid or Deferred Charge for the following reasons:

You may be asked to stop using your credit cards and give them back to us or have them destroyed. You will be issued a substitute or reactivated if, after further investigation, we believe that the particular circumstance no longer applies or exists. Should we decline to approve a transaction, we will, if possible, immediately tell you why, unless it would be illegal for us to do so.

If a merchant denies acceptance of your Prepaid Cardholder Account, or if we do not approve a transaction, or if we reverse or discontinue use of your Prepaid Cardholder Account, we will not be responsible. Except as otherwise provided by applicable laws, we will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred by you as a consequence of your being unable to use your Prepaid Cardholder Account for any Transaction.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adequate resources when authorizing a transaction. Dealers may not be able to authorize a transaction if they do not receive on-line approval from us. Reimbursements for goods or service bought with your Prepaid Cardholder can only be refunded as credits on the Prepaid Cardholder's Prepaid Cardholder's Prepaid Card.

You are not responsible for the goods or service you buy with your Prepaid Cardholder Account. As soon as you have authorized your ticket for a sale, we can no longer stop this transaction. If, however, you have used your Prepaid Card to buy goods or provide a service, you may make a complaint against the Merchant if the goods or service are dissatisfactory, undelivered, only partially delivered or do not conform to the Supplier's specification.

You may not revoke (or revoke) your authorization for a transaction after the date on which we receive it. You may be charged a penalty if you revoke a transaction in this section (see table of charges for details). If we do so, the amount will be stated in the Schedule of Charges.

There is also a currency charge (see table of charges for details). We can also ask you to check the transaction or the abuse of your credit as well. Immediately, we will make a reimbursement of the amount of the rejected transaction. Your credit will not be available after expiration.

There may be a charge (see the Schedule of Charges). We retain the right to refuse to accept a substitute ticket. When you ask, we can repair a corrupted map, under these circumstances a charge may be made (see table of charges for details). We will ask you to give us your credit or debit pass number and other information so that we can help us uniquely identifies you.

Your credit cards must be kept secure. It is your responsibility to give your credit cards personally and you may not pass them on to third parties. Take all appropriate safety measures to avoid misuse of your credit cards. Your credit cardholder will give you a unique identification number (PIN) and you must keep your identification number secure.

You will be responsible for all loss arising in connection with any unauthorized transactions if: The value on your credit should be treated like money in a pocket. At our option, you may be obligated to assist us, our agent or any other law enforcing authority if your Prepaid or Prepaid card is ever or ever deleted or if we believe that your Prepaid or Prepaid Prepaid or Prepaid Station or Prepaid Station Ticket is being used.

When your credit cards are declared missing or missing, we will void them and be able to reissue them. There may be a charge (see table of charges for details). When you find your credit after reporting it as missing, lost, stolen or abused, you must immediately delete it and notify us.

It is your responsibility to keep your access data confidential. Do not reimburse the ticket sales cost (card fee). However, you may terminate your membership at any given moment for any reasons, but there may be a charge for termination (see the Charges Schedule). In order to terminate your membership, you must contact Customer Service.

It is your responsibility to pay for all transactions you have made or for any fees charged prior to the cancellation of your Cards. As soon as we have been informed by you, we will immediately cancel the credit so that it cannot be used. If your badge is deleted, you must delete it by halving it through the die and magstripe.

If, following a reversal or notice, it appears that a transaction, penalty or penalty has been made using your Prepaid Card, you consent to immediately paying all such amounts to us upon request. Customer Service is open Monday through Friday (inclusive) from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (UK time) (excluding UK holidays).

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