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Industrial real estate mortgage

Warranties in commercial mortgage loans: Mixed-use real estate loan But not all composite performance characteristics are the same! Obtaining a mixed-use real estate credit depends on how your real estate is delineated by the creditor. What can I get? When the real estate can be used as a house: So if the real estate is a regular home and the zonation allows the conversion of the real estate for housing purposes, then you may be able to lend up to 90% of the real estate value.

When you use the real estate for your business: Up to 75% of the real estate value can be borrowed, dependent on the size of your company's finances. You need help to finance your real estate? Trouble is that this kind of real estate is often owner-occupied. Moreover, many entrepreneurs do not want to be living in their workplaces, so these homes may not be much in demand when selling or renting.

Situation of the real estate. Are you entitled to a mortgage for the purchase of a mixed-use real estate? Rustic and housing mixed-use properties can often be purchased with a home loans from a number of our creditors. Several of our creditors have accepted areas of up to 50 ha and are offering interest on housing.

But if the real estate is a renovated patio, it can still be used as a living area. We can help you get a housing allowance in these cases. We are able to evaluate your current position and identify the best types of loans to meet your needs. How does real estate rating influence how much I can rent?

Zoneing with hybrid use may allow you to rent a little more if the real estate can be used 100% as a house. But all other kinds of zone have no influence on the evaluation and creditworthiness, unless they in some way hinder that the real estate exhausts its full Potenzial. To what extent is real estate classified as "mixed use"?

Rebuilt terraced homes that are now used as office or showrooms can also fall into this group. There are however many transformed storehouses that are used as imaginative rooms with a domicile in them. For the most part, these homes are located on a major street and a back traffic lane, which makes them appropriate for a tenant and a company.

It depends on the intended use of the real estate to be acquired. When you plan to use the real estate as an initial capital expenditure, you need to demonstrate that there is a valid rental agreement and other proof of the rental that will be made.

In the case of owner-occupied real estate, you must present the financial ratios for your company or other proof that it is profitable. What do I need to do to get my credit approval? We have mortgage agents who are specialists in approving mixed-use real estate credits. Every single piece of real estate can be valued according to its own criteria. When the zonation will not be changed, or the object of the real estate will not be changed, then we have to coordinate it with the right creditor.

Being a mortgage broker, we can identify which mortgage provider is most suitable for your securities.

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