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Verification of the PCI DSS Scope: Searching for credit card numbers Although no card holder information is saved due to the amount of documentation, there may still be some card holder information that has been accidentally entered into the document. This credit card information can either be taken over by activity before working toward PCI DSS compliancy, or it can be that the company's credit card processes have been violated.

While there are some good utilities that search for card holder information on PC's and network's, I was looking for something that could run independently on single PC's and search a disk relatively quickly. It' a Python scripts that can simply be transformed into a stand-alone binary that can be executed from a flash disk.

The PANhunt uses plain standard terms to search for Visa, Mastercard and American Express card numbers in Word and e-mail spreadsheets, Excel spreadsheets, TXTs, and XML and PSTs. The PANhunt also scans zipped archives in a recursive way. While some system filenames produce low error alerts, Windows system directories are precluded by preference.

This version does not search Access database but lists where they are now. From a technical point of view, finding a file with a specific Python file expansion on a C: \ disk is easy. With PANhunt, a document is treated as a text file or, in the case of DOCX and XLSX, as a file in compressed-format. You can search text file using normal phrases to suit different credit card type.

A few source codes are available in different programming languages like Java and C#, but they didn't deliver everything needed, weren't in Python, or just didn't work. Therefore, I designed to analyze PST file to give me easy control over the email and attachment it contains. Some interesting things I learned about PST files:

Newer Microsoft Outlook clients seem to code PST segments by default, so you can't see e-mail text in the Raw PST filesily. I hope that PANhunt will be useful for those who simply want to verify that credit card numbers are saved on your PC.

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