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Tyre storage | Exhaust systems, TÜV & Service

Thirty minutes later, call the mall. They are always exceptionally kind and supportive and prompt in completing the task. At Stockport I was a frequent client and also went to Dukinfield. Really quick, kind and has performed extra inspections free of charge. Excellent client services, kind personnel.

Extremely kind, supportive, unobtrusive personnel, love of detail. An outstanding level of client support. Up to now I have had amazing experiences with 3 employees and these boys should get a rewards. Awarded again by Jamie Cartledge and Stephen Burgess. This is my third occasion when I am visiting this car park and I am thrilled with all the services and quality that the boys provide to the clients.

I was really amazed by the way they looked after their customers. Well, I was a very satisfied client. Calling the Cheadle store and talking to Whils, the man who's fixing a tire. Then I phoned the highly branched Stockport, which was courteous and comfortable from the start.

Heavily' s Stephen and James were consistently superb, courteous and outgoing. Would you please convey my compliments to the industry. The employees were always courteous and supportive when I was there. Stockport's employees were great. Amazing, kind and effective services. The employees were also very cooperative and courteous on the telephone.

Extremely effective and sincere. Kind-hearted, supportive, informative personnel who explain things well. Fast servicing. Extremely courteous mechanic - James Bould - briefed me during his work. Servicing was good and the personnel were courteous, but I had to delay 20 minutes about my scheduling before I was seen.

It was because the services I got were bright and kind. I' ve done a lot of work in this office and they are very supportive and courteous and also do it at a good rate, it took all afternoon until the tracing and the break was done. Pleasant personnel, tidy lounge and toilets with hand wash, toiletpaper and tumble drier available and functional!

Exceptional services from the boys in action, Professionell & kind services with good etiquette! On Saturday mornings, I went to the store and all the employees were helpful and kind & polite. You' ve got a great crew at the store and I will definitely be back again basing on the great client support.

Employees were very courteous and effective, and each of our queries was aswered. Lovely, kind personnel, very supportive, will be happy to help you with any queries you may have. Competent and sincere employees at fair rates. The employee was very competent and gave me advice on which tires to buy at the best possible rate, fast and kind customer care!

Employees are kind, courteous and offer good services - the personnel will show you any problem with tires before work. Excellent customer care by the employees both on the telephone and in person. Very courteous and kind servic. Excellent services, professional execution by comfortable engineers.

The personnel are very supportive. Highly satisfied with our prices and services. All in all, good customer care was provided. Everybody was courteous, kind and supportive and the branches were very neat and neat. Pricing agreement, hotline & store services. The Stephen Burgess office has outstanding telephony & services like James Bould in the store.

Supportive boys. Fast servicing. The employees were deducted from their working load when the telephone rang every 15.10. or so. This is a useful tool from the National Stockport team. Fast and efficiently I started looking for last minute tires and they had me on the road in less than an hours!

Excellent waiterliness. Also other employees are very good. Nice and effective! So when I called, I got all the detail I needed, courteous and calm. It'?s very useful and sincere. I' ve always been happy with the services. Excellent kind customer care and value. They were very courteous and proffesional in every way.

Everybody was polite and very polite. Auto is now much quieter after the servicing. Genuine feel-good factor! Take my two automobiles to the NTA Stockport and I always get a great set of services from Matthew Howard and the whole group! Extraordinary client support. Employees who were articulate, kind and very supportive.

My feeling is that the employees are sincere, and that's really important. Our client care in this subsidiary is second to none. Professionelles, very kind, sincere personnel. Kind, competent, smart und neat. Top quality services. Velocity of services in the store. Excellent client support. That'?s very kind and sincere. Outstanding telephone style from James at the Stockport deposit and good Stephen services.

Everyone on the crew was astonishing, courteous, effective and professionally. And Mark was competent and very courteous. The young man James was particularly remarkable for his excellent client support, which I have ever experienced. Extreme effective, supportive, polite people. Fast, effective and deep-fried services at a good value. And he was effective and cautious in explaining why my tire had broken down and the possibilities available to me.

I had the feeling as a client that he had taken very good care of me. Superior Achievement. Superb standard of client support. Handled as an single client, not just another supplement to the sale numbers. Mark Swindells is very useful. Pleasant, happy personnel and a good selection of tyres and prizes. Brillant services, kind personnel, no difficulties in sale.

Supportive and kind personnel who can be deployed quickly and effectively. At the Wellington Road office in Stockport, Mark made the case stress-free. Guys in the center are very supportive and sincere, they don't try to get you to buy something you don't need! Even the services were cheap and they did the work really fast!

WORKERS WERE POLITELY EXPLAINING EVERYTHING THEY HAD DONE, THEY DID AN INSPECTION WHILE MOUNTING THE SPARE TYRES, AND GAVE ME THE REPORT WRIGGLING. Excellent customer care and sincerity. Quick, inexpensive and service-oriented. Quick and reliable services. Courteous people. Excellent services - quick, effective, professional und kind.

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