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Moneysupermarket says not so fast - Mr. Lamidey does not compare as with the same. Decision - betting offices, payday loan premises, fast food outlets and public institutions

Aim: to take into account the report of the President of the Council aiming at authorising the prevention of the proliferation of bookmakers, pay-day lending facilities, cheap off-licences, fast feed off-licences near school and the disappearance of public facilities. i) That the planning and development teams evaluate the effects of bookmaking, overnight money and take-aways near school as part of the work on the new Local Plan to see if new guidelines are needed to gain more scrutiny.

ii ) Delegation to the Director of Place of the power to do whatever is necessary to advance new Local Plan policy in accordance with the above advice i) where considered appropriate to carry out efficient monitoring of plans. iii ) Delegation to the Director of Place of the power to continue work on a course of action of Article 4 in order to avoid the transformation of publications into other uses, with a period of one year before the entry into force of the provisions of the said paragraph.

It also includes instructions on how to determine any future design requests for the renovation of a bar. That requires the establishment by a successive Cabinet and General Assembly of the Council to evaluate the proof of endorsement of an Art. 4 orientation before making a definitive ruling. Many of the questions posed in this document are deemed to be justified and, while the Council is working on many of the areas, there is not sufficient proof of significant damage or appropriate policy to warrant the delivery of an item of information under Art. 4 in relation to bookmakers, payday loans or TAways near school.

There is, however, ample proof of damage and adequate political backing to assist the notification of a course under Art. 4 with regard to the transformation of public places, provided that a due procedure is followed to implement such a course. That is possible in the present economical situation where further work cannot be regarded as costeffective, but overall it is assumed that the use of officers' hours to provide an art. 4 orientation to stop the disappearance of bars without adequate attention is valuable to be continued.

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