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Chance to move to Australia, can I just let go of my debts? Jo Jon sounded like a big guilt, maybe by purchasing a big article - a motorbike or so? 1 ) You need to make a modification in the way you comprehend and manage Money so that you don't just get into indebtedness in oz the same way - what's different / what are you going to do differently?

You could be selling the object if you go to Oz - if it was a auto and now just say £12k which would still beat a big lump off the guilt. Remember that you can agree on a comparison value for each guilt, which could bring in between 10% and 40% discount.

That train could be a really good moment to really get to know your financials and gain full command of them. The move to Oz was a turning point in my career because (a) I learnt how to take charge of my financials, and it gave me a stone endowment that would mean that I could go anywhere or do anything, or (b) I abandoned my debt so that others could take it, and I made some new debt in Oz that gave me a stone endowment, so that I never enjoyed the total liberty of not knowing I owed anything to anyone and "because" they didn't own me.

Was it just the minimal amount you paid, or did you push up the bill? If you could be tough with the creditors, selling some things and getting away with a huge part of it before you go, you could just play the remainder with some snowball. Made a similar amount of loans and on a £25k salary a year and learned some smart managerial skills from here, I scratched the lot within 4 years - with no downside or adverse effect on my credit record.

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