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Loan reports can be an important tool for managing your finances - learn how to check your creditworthiness. Corporate creditworthiness and credit reporting Don't miss a major shift for a business in your wallet with customizable notification sent to your outbox. Invite clients, vendors, prospects as well as your competition from 16 different locations worldwide into an infinite number of product lines. Customize what notification you get, see the events histories and riskband distributions per asset class, and plan to have your asset classes exported on a day, week or month to day, week or month basis to make your management easier.

Get e-mail notification of all changes to the businesses you do business with. Such as when they modify their registration details, a manager retires or their credit rating changes. Build your debtors' portfolio and get immediate notification of any changes to that organization. You will be notified when a borrower collects a CCJ or changes its credit rating.

Exports your complete product range with all current information about your businesses.

Complimentary credit report | Complimentary credit report

Do you already have a free credit information? Credit reports provide in-depth information about your creditworthiness and credit histories. The credit information is free of charge, lasts only a few moments and can be accessed at any time. We believe that your credit reports can be the basis for sound financial management.

What do I need my credit information for? Your credit rating will help you take measures and make plans for the near-term. Just reply to a few simple question (it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes) and you can have your own credit information available in no more than a few moments. Their credit information is absolutely free.

We only need your credit/debit information to be able to identify you. Yes, you don't have to foot any charges to get your account. All you need to do is make sure you register at least once every six month to keep your account up and running. What makes you think I'd keep looking at my reports? If you follow your reports regularly, you can see any unsuspicious activities in your reports that could be a signal of ID theft/fraud.

This will also allow you to see dishonest or false information about you. But, above all, it is important to review your review just before you apply for any form of credit. It will give you a much better understanding of how likely it is that you will be acceptable without having to add another query to your credit history, and may help you prevent the effects of a credit crunch on your credit rating.

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