Can I get a Mortgage on Land

May I get a mortgage on land?

Is it possible to get a mortgage to buy land and construct a house? Hello, I've seen a lot that I'd like to buy. May I get a mortgage for the purchase of this property? I' m planning to put a house on it for my whole familiy, but that can't pass for a number of years because I' m planning to be saving more on it.

Buying land without the intent to start building immediately can be a problem, especially if there is no building permit on the land itself. Greetings, more than just mortgage, speak to me about it:

Your own land, can I get a homemade mortgage for it?

While we were working on construction, we found out that there were two types of home-made mortgage. The one where every times you finish a level, you get a portion of the cash, and the one where you get a portion of the cash in front of you. It was found that the mortgage was slightly more costly, but had the advantage of not having to try to have cash in front to get the construction started.

The mortgage offering was centred on the value of the finished real estate and covered the land. Hope you are in a tough position because you already own the land so you don't have to lend any money to buy it.


The construction of your own home has become more and more attractive as real estate values skyrocket and make it more difficult than ever to progress in the real estate world. How can you therefore fund the construction of your own home? An homebuilt mortgage is exactly what it says, a home loans you take out to fund the construction of your own home.

If you take out a homemade credit, the funds are freed in installments, with a first credit to purchase the land. Payment is then made in various phases of the construction of the real estate. Buildstore, the self-construction specialist, is an exceptional case, having previously leased up to 95% of the area.

Aside from the normal solvency check, some creditors will decline to give you a mortgage if you plan to actually construct the home yourself rather than have it professional-made for you. Postage tax is imposed at 1% on real estate transactions from 125,000 to 250,000, 3% for 250,000 to 500,000 and 4% for real estate transactions over 500,000.

Land is obviously one of the most important demands for anyone who plans to construct their own home. Receive all the latest mortgage advices and hints from our monthly newsletters.....

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