How do I get my Experian Credit Score

Where can I get my Experian Credit Score?

For some time it worked and then I was told: "We don't have enough information to show your creditworthiness". Expert reviews | Read customer service reviews from

Sorry that we have not yet completed our investigations into your grievance. It seems that I have asked for an old postal code, although it has reached the new one. It'?s not Experian's fault. It'?s not Experian's. _GO ( Your old advice, questioned by Experian three month after you left).

Yes: Look at this tape to tell you why it's all your own doing (we never confess errors here). However, we will not comply with your complaints because we just don't give a damn if your information is incorrect. I' m working on your mandatory review, which will be sent by mail.

In order for me to be able to check you and your actual home at which you live, please forward me the following identity paper. A copy of your identity card, i.e. your identity card or driver's license and 2 electricity invoices certifying your home office location and dating from the last three years. This way they will (get) the reimbursement to my adress, but I have to certify now that this is my adress.

Many thanks for your time while we examined your complaints. Please find the detailed information on our complaints processing here: In this way, you can find out what time frame we work with and what you can do if you are not satisfied with the way your complaints are dealt with. Because you were denied credit because of the information we have.

Because you want to know why you were rejected. As I can see you mention in the appeal that you have meanwhile shifted your postal code, but when you requested your Experian Statutory Reports you used your existing postal code. It is not our job as credit agencies to decide whether to approve or reject an offer - it is the creditor who makes the choice.

Below we can give you some advice on what creditors can consider when applying for credit. This is things like your pay and expenses, other information given on your request such as your occupation or your marital status, as well as dates kept on a credit reference.

So there is no assurance that an offer will be approved, even if your credit rating is high. Having reviewed the information and on the basis of all the proof, I will not comply with your appeal. I' m sorry we can't tell you why you were denied the credit, but you can view the following movie if you want some hints on what to do after you were denied the credit.

You can also view the videos we have made for you to learn more about how creditors make their credit application choices. In order for us to see and make available to you an exact account, you should consider making your most recent data available to us. When you are on the electoral roll at your present location, it is powerful proof that you are who you say you are.

A lot of creditors use this information to verify your identities at your home addresses, and uses may be rejected if you are not enrolled. Ensuring that you are properly enrolled means that creditors can more readily verify your identities. If you are dissatisfied with the result of your appeal, the following text will explain what you can do.

They have the right to send your complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service free of cost - but you must do so within six month of the date of this e-mail. Failure to forward your complaints in a timely manner means that the Ombudsman does not have our authorisation to examine your complaints and can therefore only do so in very restricted circumstances. However, if you do not forward your complaints in good time, the Ombudsman will not be able to examine your complaints.

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