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How will the banking industry look in 2017?

Formerly regarded as a pure cost-cutting strategy - and this is still a major motivating factor - suppliers have expanded their offering to include end-to-end end-to-end services that deliver far greater levels of customer satisfaction than before. That is an important development that will dominate the industry again in 2017.

In view of the rapidity and ease of use of these technologies, verification is a key issue in the authentification arena and banking institutions in particular are constantly looking for ways to improve their portable computing experiences. Behavioral and documentary identification would also be of enormous value to lenders. Migrating finance service delivery from the store to the desktops to the mobile devices has made the countryside almost unrecognisable.

Equiniti's recent research, carried out on a country wide representational basis, found that a smart phone or tray is the most preferred way to do business, with 48% of those surveyed using a wireless application and more than a third using it at least once a week. Equiniti's most recent research, carried out on a nationwide basis, showed that a smart phone or tray is the most common way to do business, with 48% of those surveyed using a wireless solution and more than a third using it at least once a week. 2. By 2017, the credit industry must ensure that its range of products and solutions corresponds to that of its phone, retail or on-line service providers.

Although the poll revealed a significant consumer craving for consumer finance, concerns about safety remain high. Credit and finance companies in general need to make an investment in ensuring efficient protection for their applications and optimized web sites and make them known to the world. Brexit and the US Presidency elections, to name just two of the recent events, have brought the uncertain business climate to the forefront, posing a major threat to creditors.

It influences a number of important variables that influence lenders' forecasts, such as interest rate and credit behavior of consumers. To minimise the risk associated with unforeseeable business conduct, creditors need to optimise their skills and increase the precision of their forecasts. It is not new to anyone that the FCA has drawn our attentions to the ethics of creditors in 2016.

In this year, this ever-increasing audit and the associated focus on regulatory requirements will lead creditors to look for new, end-to-end technology to meet their needs. Briefly, effective integration of credit governance and credit governance into your system. Regtech ", the new and highly acclaimed word for technology that simplifies regulatory oversight, will keep growing rapidly as more and more creditors set their prime offer to zero and try to outsource their regulatory oversight, along with other corporate functionality, to specialized finance services companies.

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