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PGA Tour will go to Maryland and Congressional CC for what will be known as the Quicken Loans National this year, after having been previously endorsed by AT&T. Possibly no suprise that Tiger is building his turning this time period as his assumption is the beneficent giving this time period. In 2005, the Blue Course at the Congressional was the first venue to hold the Booz Allen Classic before hosting the tournament from 2007 to 2009.

Then the course was renovated in 2010 and 2011 as it was prepared for the US Open, and so it was around 7,570 yards in the last two years of this tournament, about 215 yards longer than before the US Open length, although it is now a 71 Par.

It is a park land place, a forest, which is bordered by only a few seas in front of the club house and has 3 boreholes. Rory won the US Open and the Booz Allen in 05, among the winners: Only 11 of them have reached it in the double-digit range under perf, 5 of them came in 2005, when the course was playing a 71 perf.

Tiger Woods' big history this weekend is his recovery from his back operation. Some of the issues, I guess, have to be about the early coming back because it's his show? Which hints are there on his open shape, which is returning to Hoylake, where he won in 2006?

After reading a few remarks he made, he planned to come back to the Open, but is in rehabilitation ahead of time and so he is performing here as it is his own show. Surely, if he has been playing here in the past, he has done well, finishing sixth in the first year of this tournament before he missed 08 due to injuries, won on his way back in 09, did not compete against the US Open and came back in 2012 and won again.

42, the only one under 69 years of age and one of 6 under 70 years of age, while his 67% (8/12) of the laps under para is defeated only by Morgan Hoffman, who has 3 of 4, so elsewhere looking for and leading the bets ahead of Tiger and of those who had a pair here top 10.

He was away for 7 short winters after his victory on Accenture Matchplay Day, before coming back to the Masters at the age of 20 before taking another 7 short winters off. Back again at the Memorial and was #37, #4 at the US Open and #18 last weekend at the Travelers. Without a failed 2008 edit, Brandt Snedeker has drawn an outstanding balance here, finishing fifth in 09, eleventh at the US Open 2011 and eighth in 07 and last year.

In the last two Weeks he has found some shape with rank 9 at the US Open and rank 11 last weekend, after having fought with rank 45, a missing average, rank 48 and 74. Wasn' t always great this year, but had a few top 5's out of nowhere, his fourth at Valspar was after a missing average at Honda, while his fifth at New Orleans was after the 73st the previous weekend at Heritage.

Tiger as big as 18-1, which is very enticing on a course on which he has always performed well, the risks are the state of his play and so he can best be observed and get on his open ratings because they will decrease if he shows evidence of a full rest.

Then I think I'll go with Snedeker, who's been back to shape in his last few shows and has done quite a good job here.

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