National Debt Counselling Service

The National Debt Advisory Service

Debt counselling - Cashfloat Proud of our service and support. We help our clients in this episode to better grasp various debt instruments in the UK. Describes the National Debt Advice Service. See Money Advice Service for a listing of non-profit organizations and organizations offering this type of service for free.

Due to reductions in governments, as stated in the last household bill, this service will be discontinued. So how do you know which service is free and which one charges a service? The search for help and help with debt is already stressing enough. A number of things have been said on the website that give the feeling that this service is free.

There is also a section on state debt support. National Debt Advice website does not provide any information about taxes and duties. In the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website, there is a question: "Will I be debited for a debt relief scheme? You will receive responses that refer to whether this type of scheme is the best choice or not, the advantages of a debt managment scheme and the disadvantages of a debt managment scheme.

So is it a legit and real free service or not? This allows you to make a one-month payout to your lenders over a certain amount of money, and at the end of this amount your debt will be settled. Each IVA must have a licenced professional to manage funds and a charge is made for this service.

A charitable organisation such as StepChange itself states that the service charge is contained in the month's payments. So where' s the National Debt Advisory on this service? Meaning the service is free? The Citizens Advisory Bureau is the best first port of call for information.

When it comes to debt and cash, it seems that the web is not always the best way.

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