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delete my account", you will receive an e-mail confirming that your cancellation request has been processed. Legal credit information or montly service? Loan reporting can be costly if you sign a month to month agreement, but your legal reporting is less costly. Loan reviews come in many forms and sizes that can make getting and verifying your credit report a much more complicated and tortuous task than it should be. This is one of the main reason why we have begun, it is my reporting initiative to make credit reporting free, honest and useful.

It is important to realize that you do not have a credit card at all. Every credit bureau (there are three) has its own credit history about you, and different creditors talk about different creditors. You need a report of all three for your full credit history. Nor are there any such things as "free" credit checks, which is one of the main motivations why we are committed to them.

If you see that "free" reviews are being promoted, they are in most cases free introduction spells to fee-based montly utilities, such as the Experian Credit Expert utility. You might say that they are still "free" for a certain amount of money, but if you do not terminate your agreement in good time, you will be billed.

However, these monetary sevices provide extra features like ID scam warnings and your credit rating, but they are only available from one of the three online payment processors, as opposed to multi-agency coverage. Multiple agent report service provide a similar offering, but they integrate your credit files from each of the three agents. This way they give you a more full image, but they still bill you a month' worth of work.

So, what's a statuary credit report? £2 legal credit report provides all the information that creditors will see when they request your credit files from the relevant report agent, but it does not contain your credit rating and has no extra features such as warnings. But if you want to see your entire credit record, you need a legal report from each of the three agencies:

Your legal copy of the report can be obtained online or by phone at 0844 481 8000. Your Equifax legal report can be obtained online or by phone at 0844 335 0550. Your legally required account statement can be obtained online or by phone at 0870 060 1414.

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