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With our life mortgages, you can release a one-time cash lump sum. Advantages of our mortgages Some of the questions you may have may be answered by the following 'Questions and Answers': Q. Who will manage my mortgage now that Advantage has stopped all mortgage lending activities? Proceedings for managing your mortgage have not altered. Q.

What happens if I want another deposit?

A. Since Advantage no longer accepts new mortgage requests, this also means that it no longer accepts new pre-applications. When you need to lend more and you cannot lend from another location, this means that you need to move your mortgage away from Advantage.

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Must be a really dubious issue with your credit, such as that they can't compel you to make payment, or that you can't make your own payment. I would be very prone to take expert advise (pay for it) from a mortgage agent or lawyer (s preferred) to check the papers you initially had from Advantage and see if there are any gaps in it to your advantage (sorry about the pun).

For them, the option (to stay with them and use the problem) must be even more costly. Benefit - (provided you read this thread). Please do us all a favor and let us know the reasons & even who - if at all - was dismissed / retained his bonuses because he made the error .....

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Currently, we have six lines of products tailored to a wide variety of customers' needs. Lifestyle options are our classic roll-up life cycle mortgage. Instead, the interest is added to the credit every months. Prestige options are high quality life-time mortgage options for credits over £250,000. Instead, the interest is added to the credit every months.

With our interest rate selection options, you can choose to receive part or all of your interest each and every months. Monthly payment is made by debiting and allows you to mitigate or even remove the effects of interest rate increases. Voluntary Select Options give you more options. The Second Home Options allow you to take out a lifelong mortgage on a home that is not your primary home.

There are three different ways to either pay interest, interest and principal or add up interest. With over 55 Buy-to-Let purchase opportunities, you can free up money from your Buy-to-Let property. You have a number of different choices to make, whether you want to pay the interest, the interest and the principal, or add up the interest.

These are Buy-to-Let mortgage types and are not life mortgage types. Learn more about our latest extra loan interest rate for the use of liquid reserves and other advance payments.

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