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Would you like to review Finance of America Reverse? There was an uncommon circumstance that demanded that the FA understood many detail at several levels in its organisation. Several stumbling blocks were reached, where her failure to grasp the issue almost brought the trial to a standstill. However, my credit officer, Nigel Goddard, persisted and kept things on course until we were shut down.

Maybe some kind of acceleration feature within the FA with a smaller number of humans to help understanding complexity would be useful in uncommon situations. The Finance of America Reverse is great. The Finance of America Reverse is a great business to work with. You took a trial that could have been very hard and just let it appear.

Highly sympathetic and supportive ambassadors, but often given timeframes are not correct. The Finance of America Reverse made a apparently discouraging job of getting a reverse mortgage quite easy and uncomplicated. Hats off to Joshua Zimmer, who was highly supportive, knowledgeable and tolerant throughout the entire trial. It led us through every stage on the way, working through the numbers and telling us what awaited us, and all he sketched in the suggestion was exactly what the concluding documents were reflecting.

They had similar numbers, but they described it as a rather long and complex procedure that concerned me. In what was probably a very unusual case, such as a condominium with a "not very cooperative" type of housing scheme, we found the individuals we were dealing with very useful....

Every single stage of my credit was processed personally and professional. And I refinanced my reverse mortgage. After starting with a firm, after speaking with Finance of America Reverse, I changed. And the other firm tried to frighten me and gave me false information. It was very impressive to me, they have reduced all my anxieties, guided me through the whole procedure bit by bit.

Many thanks to you for Finance of America Reverse. Thompson was very supportive and made the app part simple. But right now I'm trying to fix the fixes that were needed for me, and there's mess, and I think a linguistic obstacle is preventing the trial from getting back the cash I was paying directly to the carpenter who did the work.

I have been a very knowledgeable and supportive credit expert to answer all my queries to my complete contentment. Assistance..... Our initial application was from 21 March 2017 and could have been solved with a telephone call! Understanding that part of this trial can be unwieldy. Thank you, they came through for me when I needed it most... John McCormick was very supportive and friendly... I would commend him to anyone who needed help....

But I just like most of them, was very sceptical about a reverse mortgage.

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