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The Wheatstone Bridge Calculator performs the back calculation and finds the value of Rp. Electronic 2000| Wheatstone Bridge Calculator First of these computers calculates the 4th resistance value in a Wheatstone Bridge taking into account the other three resistance value and the balance of the bridge. Favourite resistance readings are also computed for the first computer. You can use the calculator's check boxes to choose the favorite value range to use.

For more information on the Wheatstone Bridge, see the Specifications section. This chart shows the names used by the computers: Compute R4 for symmetrical bridge from R1 to R3: Compute the V-bridge from R1 - R4 and the supply voltage: Formulas: Bridge: With a symmetrical bridge, the substitute resistor is between V and GND:

For more information, refer to the section entitled Specifications.


The Wheatstone Bridge Calculator calculates the value of Rp. You may already have the value of y, and A, and Y, for some sort of reasons, and you need to calculate Rp. Above equation shows that the distance relationship (A / B) times the value of the resistor Rp.

Compute the Rp (?):


The Wheatstone sliding bridge calculator does the opposite and finds the spacing A. For some reasons you may already have the Rp, x and D and have to calculate A. The above equation shows that the relationship of the resistors (Rp / x) times the spacing D gives the spacing A. Rp (?):

Compute A ( mm):

decomposer of a bridge

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