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Coming into force on 1 June 2015, the nomination marks a crucial point in the process of integrating environment and society into the economy as part of making sound investments. Coming into force on 1 June 2015, the nomination marks a crucial point in the process of integrating environment and society into the economy as part of making sound investments. Nigel Beck, Executive & Head of Environmental und social Advisory in Standard Bank's Investment Banking, will be the Bank's Chief Executive and Chairman.

Most of the financing for projects in industrialised and newly industrialising countries is provided by these financial institutions. Beck says Standard Bank will remain focused on the EP III deployment in cooperation with our customers across the entire continental region. The EP III expands the application of the principles beyond mere financing and consulting of projects to include project-related business loans and bridging loans, including supplementary issues such as GHG emission at programme levels.

It is in line with Standard Bank's policy of financing sustainable operations in South Africa and on the continental shelf of Africa, and partnerships in the continental game. These principles improve transaction performance throughout the life cycle, encompassing advice and brokerage, resulting in better bond structuring and improving Syndication and Allocation.

The Standard Bank has been an actively and committed member of the Parliamentary Association since the approval of the European Parliament in 2009 and its ensuing appointment to the Governing Board in 2010. It is chaired by an elective board of 15 international banking institutions, of which Standard Bank is the only Africa representation.

The Standard Bank's dedication to the integration of ecological and corporate citizenship into its worldwide activities has been particularly clear in recent years and has been recognized externally. The Johannesburg Stock Exchange SRI has been the only firm to trade systematically in the Best Performers class over the past 8 years, and Bloomberg Markets Magazine Greenest Bank ranking among the 20 greenest banks worldwide.

The Standard was also named "Sustainable Bank of the Year 2013" for Africa/Middle East in the FT/IFC Sustainability Finance Awards and was placed on the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Performance Leadership Index's worldwide "A-list". The Standard Group is the biggest asset-based financial institution in Africa with a presence in 20 Africa markets.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are quoted on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The Standard Bank can look back on a 153-year old story in South Africa and began in the early 90s with the establishment of a subsidiary outside South Africa. With our strategically positioned ability to link Africa with other selected developing countries and mature market equity portfolios, and our strong business mix, we offer significant opportunity for expansion.

Employing nearly 49,000 people, the Group has 1,200 offices, enabling it to offer a full spectrum of private and commercial client, commercial and institutional and asset manager solutions. The Standard Bank Corporates & Investments department provides its customers with bank operations, trade, investment, riskmanagement and advice to link select developing countries with Africa and with each other.

As of December 31, 2014, Standard Bank's total capitalization was R232.2 billion (approximately USD20 billion). ICBC is the Industrial and Commercial Banka of China (ICBC), which is the biggest global financial institution with a stake of 20.1%. Standard Group and ICBC have also entered into a strategy to facilitate trading and dealer flows between Africa, China and selected developing countries.

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