Quicken Loans Reverse Mortgage Complaints

Accelerate Loan Reverse Mortgage Complaints

Quickken Loan Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews from www.quickenloans.com

Everybody at Quicken was very kind and kind and very well-informed. I' d like to see the faces of all the guys who were helping us with the refinancing. Thanks again for Quicken Loans. Faster, easier and friendlier to serve with everyone I came into touch with. And the whole thing was simple and speedy.

Everybody was always ready to help and answer all the queries we had. In any case, we would use them again and we would also commend them to other souls. Just spoke to a boyfriend of mine and he did a refund with you and got 3% loans. So he took out a 200,000 euro credit.

So why didn't I get such a credit? You wanted to wait too long for my credit, now you have to get another salary. That costs me mone. Problem-free and simple................................................... With QuickenLoans, we are very pleased with our refinancing. The closure was fast and simple. I' ll be recommending QuickenLoans to my boyfriends and my folks.

The TOTAL EMPLOYEES has excellent levels of client support. All my experiences were simply quick, friendly and amazing. This is a great adventure from beginning to end. Obtaining my first VA home loans for my first home through Quicken was a great one. Eric on the frontend and Paul on the backend loans handling and these fellows were very polite and professionally and knew exactly what they were doing and also things to look out for on the way for a new home purchaser.

It was a great experiance and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a credit. Many thanks to Eric and Paul, but also to their help and to Quicken. This was a very simple deal. This took a little longer than we initially anticipated, but that was b/c of awaiting third-party information (for payingoff information), but overall the experiance was a great one and I will be recommending to all my relatives and buddies for their mortgage finance and refinance.

Everything that happend was exactly as described, completely free and simple to get in touch with someone with a question. It would be great to have someone to sign the final papers with who knew something about the loans and could give answers to your queries. The notary was very uncomfortable, not helping and did not want to be there.

Overall the best thing is that I got a better rate/terms, released up some month money to settle on other debts and the whole process was very fast. I' d advise a boyfriend to speed up. Quicken Loans was very user-friendly and simple to work with for my refinancing. It took less than 45 working day to complete the whole trial.

It was all done very professionally and the people I worked with were very skilled in the work. Quicken Loans I would advise anyone who wants is getting a mortgage for the first refinance or a second mortgage. You make it so simple and keep up to date with every move.

Quicken Go Loan! All of us had great services and were very supportive. To have a prosperous deal. Superb expertise! Everybody was so kind and supportive. Keeping me up to date from beginning to end, they had a lot of Quickenloan experiences that were very useful and supportive throughout the whole game.

Last year when we funded our house was 15 years ago and not the best of experiences, very stressing. I thought it was too good to be right. That was the simplest of experiences, we didn't have to keep track of it at any point in our lives, we always kept ourselves up to date on our development by telephone or e-mail.

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