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President Putin and the population of Russia We, as members of the realistic worldwide fellowship, would like to express our esteem and our solidarity for the Russian Federation's choice to offer Syria, its troops and its democratic leadership, President Bashar al-Assad, human and financial aid in the struggle against U.S.-backed terrorist groups. Your vote of rationality and strength for righteousness is the thanks and encouragement of Syrians, Russians and all conscientious objectors around the globe.

It has gone so far as to provide financial, educational and arms assistance to alien soldiers who have led a vicious harassment operation against the people and legal regime of Syria. Those terrorists and fanatic religions do not reflect the will of the people of Syria, the overwhelming support of which is given to President Assad.

Mr President, as you said in your address to the United Nations General Assembly, it is up to the people of Syria, and only the nation of Syria, to determine who is to govern them. It was in 2013, when the West was preparing to start a martial arts offensive against Syria, that Russia entered to mediate a non-violent, diplomatic settlement.

This would be the obvious answer to global issues in a healthy global environment, and Russia would not be left alone. Unfortunately, the West is continuing its impasse by encouraging force, duress and illicit interference in the matters of sovereign states. As the West presses for destabilisation, warmongering and mayhem, Russia remains committed to dialog, co-operation, international justice and order.

It is the group of "moderate opposition" who are supporting West administrators in their unlawful attacks on Mr Assad and who are now accusing Russia of engaging in air raids. This and other facts clearly show that the US administration and its associates are only committed to fighting terrorism, although they directly created and supported it in a vain effort to safeguard US international domination.

And they do so without the United Nations backing and without the backing of the legitimately elected government of the country they are attacking. Dag Hammarskjold, the second Secretary-General of the United Nations, whom John F. Kennedy described as the greatest statesman of his day, clearly saw the challenges faced not only by the UN but by the whole planet.

Syria's policies of destroying the West and supporting terrorist activities have led to ISIL and other terrorist groups whose practices are openly denounced but backed by private West leadership. Mankind will never create a peaceful global environment as long as global politicians remain subject to the will of moralists.

It is our prayer that more men should obey your example, talking from true to might, responding strongly to their beliefs and rejecting to be ruled by anguish and lack of knowledge. Hopefully we can all do our part to build a truly multi- polar society free from the devastating impact of psychological and fanatical influences and the poisonous politics they generate that make peacemaking inoperable.

Yours faithfully, folks have just autographed the deed. Syrian Diary Documentary: Western pathologists are pressing for Russia to go to war because they need an outside adversary. So long as they focus on "Russian aggression", they do not know who is really to blame for the collapse of the US economic and welfare system.

In 1961, the last great US presidency, John F. Kennedy, described our mutual enemy: As JFK you have a martial backdrop, so you have a feeling of obligation to defend and minister to the Russian nation. Like him, it seems that you have recognised the insanity of the atomic conflict and have turned to it.

Rather, through organisations like BRICS, Russia has built stronger ties with many nations, cancelled old debt and worked with its counterparts to achieve objectives that served people's interests. It is in stark contrast to the USA's single-minded, impartial policy where the resource of all nations is monitored for the sake of a few - at the cost of We, the nation.

In the name of liberty and self-defence, we are indignant and appalled at the murder of tens of thousands of innocent bystanders. And we want to bring happiness and prosperity to all men and women. Let us want a genuine and permanent piece of work, the kind of piece of work that JFK once talked about: Genuine peacemaking and fairness are not possible as long as the "ruthless conspiracy" leads the United States and other countries out of the shadow.

Instead, we are praying that we can promote a real peaceful ness that makes earthly lives liveable. Yours faithfully, folks have just autographed the deed. Putin No-Bluff - Anyone who says that Russia loses in Ukraine, does not fully comprehend how this match is playing.

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