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Loan & Cash advance No matter if you are a restaurateur who wants to renovate, a cosmetic parlour who wants to offer the latest ranges of products, or a mechanical engineer who needs new machines, a cash advance is a fast and easy way to obtain money without prolonging your loan. If you are a member of Retail Merchant Services, your company can be eligible for a cash credit*; an advance paid to your company by a cash loan vendor as a flat -rate amount, which is then returned to your company via your vending machines as an agreed upon percent of your total amount of your total amount of your total amount of your total amount of your total amount of your total amount of your total amount of your total amount of your total amount of your total amount of your total amount of your future cash advances.

"Cash advances can allow you to invest cash in some much needed areas of your company. There are no delayed payments or montly fees. An advance credit is a flexible repayable credit facility utilizing a flat-rate percent of all your prospective credit Card purchases, with a term set at 1.5 x the anticipated one.

In order to request a cash loan or loan advance with concessional terms from our financing partners YouLend, just click below. There is a requirement to achieve a minimal £2,500 per month credit transfer rate and in some cases this must be demonstrated by the supply of merchants' excerpts. The cash loans vary between 2,500-£250,000 and are 100% dependent on your avarage cash flow from your credit cards purchases.

YouLend, our specialist supplier, processes all cash loan and loan advance requests.

Dealer Cash Credit: £5k - £300k

Choose Why Choose Cash Express Méchant? We specialize in providing corporate financing, also known as advance payment merchants. There are no filing charges or interest on the advance. The only thing Merchant Cash Express does is buy your planned credit cards by proposing a flat fee in advance.

Then you pay back the amount bit by bit and use a small percent of your loyalty spending.

Non-secured business credits - Merchant Cash Advance

How much you can lend depends on your avarage ticket revenue per months. Available funds range from £3000 to £300,000. In the ideal case, your company will have to trade for approximately 3 moths and generate more than 3000 pounds of cards per year. Dealer cash advances are a short-term reimbursable option to a conventional cash advance.

Consent to a set percent of your total ticket purchases in advance and that does not vary. It is not a conventional cash advance, so there is no firm maturity and no annual rate of charge. Repay only a small percent of your prospective purchases of credits and debits. Does the request influence my creditworthiness?

While some of the creditors with whom we work may conduct a review, all requests are reviewed separately. It is not a conventional uncollateralised commercial lending, so there is no maturity and no annual percentage rate of charge. Suppliers of commercial loans quantify their charges as a multiplier. You multiply the advance amount received by the set of factors to calculate the overall amount you will repay.

Repay only a small percent of your prospective debt and charge cards purchases each and every working week until the loans are paid off, which means you repay less in slower periods and more in good periods. While we do not carry out our own assessments, the supplier you are with can carry out assessments from a large agency.

We' re not part of the process of deciding to extend your loans.

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