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This is the right choice for private credit companies in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Counseli Consumer Credit Services of South Jersey. German consumer credit association This is the right option for private credit institutions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. This is the right option for private credit institutions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. CCA is at the top of the credit community, proud to represent our members and promote the highest possible standard of excellence in banking and client services.

Representing you at your own locally, nationally and Europe-wide levels, we offer you direct contact with a wide variety of consultancy, information and other services. WHICH IS A HOME LOAN? House credit is very different and easy in comparison to other types of credit. They meet the special, high standards of services required by people with low income.

Clients opt for a personal loan because it provides easy acces to small, accessible loan sums with a clear and low-risk reimbursement methodology.

Register of consumer credit | EZV

It is a publicly available account of undertakings which have or have had a provisional authorisation to grant consumer credit. The majority of enterprises that sell goods or services on credit, give cash to customers or give consumer credit services and credit advisory services will conduct consumer credit operations. These include private lending enterprises, credit cards providers, credit intermediaries, payment day lending enterprises, mortgage lending enterprises, hire-purchase enterprises, logbook borrowers, peer-to-peer creditors and collections agencies.

Learn more about consumer credit. Having taken over the consumer credit regulatory work from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT), we are now offering a consumer credit register (link is external) of companies that were previously OFT licenced and have an intermediate license to carry on consumer credit operations.

An undertaking which has a provisional licence must eventually request a full licence in order to proceed with the implementation of consumer credit. Once authorized, our company's update data set will be included in the company's register of notifications. This register shall also include companies and persons authorized or incorporated to provide services such as cash services, e-money or investments in mutual funds.

A number of these companies may also conduct consumer credit business. Therefore, if you do not find a company in the consumer credit list, you should also review the financial services register. To find out, you can look for a consumer credit company (link is external) with name, zip or " temporary approval number ":

A number of consumer credit institutions with provisional approval have made "requirements" of them. Those are the requirements that a consumer credit institution must meet. In order to be able to access the consumer credit register from March 2018, you need a recent or up-to-date browser version: Whilst we make every endeavour to make sure that consumer credit registers are correct, please note that some information is only refreshed when a company refreshes the record we have for them.

Where you believe that a company has carried out consumer credit operations without intermediate approval or our approval, you may notify us. Learn more about consumer credit or read our definitive consumer credit business policy and our regulatory guidance.

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