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To update your credit card, click on the blue Change Payment button. The following error is displayed when entering credit card information in the batch: This error only occurs with certain donors/credit cards. In the customer area you can change your credit card details.

Are there any specific policies for storing credit card information in an e-commerce environment?

It' just right to keep credit card information if it is only used once at the point of sale (not for subscriptions or periodic bills). According to the answer of the Clearingstelle, is the storage of credit card information permitted and even recommended at the moment of purchasing? In the face of high-profile cases of information fraud, web surfers and site visitors are much more conscious of the potential safety hazards.

There is a both good record and a juridical one. The website operator is liable for the safety of the processed person-related information. Web site users must be particularly cautious when receiving and saving credit card information. For the UK, retention beyond a longer time after the date of the transactions can be considered a violation of the Fifth Privacy Policy, which states that the Information Commissioner's Office indicates that website providers must obtain information that is sufficiently secured and recommend safe, encryption-based transfer.

Actually, personally identifiable information that is in any way sensitive or otherwise risky for an individual and should not be stored on a website operator or, if so, adequately protected by encoding or similar technologies. Although credit card information is not one of the categories of "sensitive data" included in the European Privacy Directive, it is clear that this type of information represents a genuine danger to individual persons when it is misused and should be protected with care when it is stored.

Unprecedented Credit Card Information - Doubletree Verification by Hilton Boston Milford, Milford, MA

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