Card Payments

credit card payments

With Square's secure payment processing solutions you will be paid faster. The payments are set up quickly and there are no monthly fees. EMC compliant Hardware & Payment Gateway solutions for managed and unattended card payment terminals in the North American market.

Accepting card payments - payment processing solutions

No matter if it' chips and PINs, non-contact or cell phones like Apple Pay or Google Pay, with the Square Reader you can accept payments simply at the desk or on the road. Virtual Terminal allows you to enter card data and make payments safely on your computer - perfect for processing payments by telephone.

Card readers or apps not required. Sending bills from your mobile device, tray or desk top and letting your customers use their card to make payments. They can even create repetitive payments to be payed automaticly for repetitive work. Squares can be integrated with some of the best out-of-the-box website builder so you can start selling your products now.

Or, you can use our Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to make payments directly to your website. All you need to get started with the sales. All our hard- and softwares work together to ensure a smooth online shopping for you and your clients. Squares has the necessary equipment you need to be able to handle all the popular tickets and never miss a single purchase.

You can use the Square Reader on your bar with our option charge station for simple payments or take it with you on your mobile with you. The handling of payments is only the beginning. Square Point of Sale is a free Square Point of Sale application that provides a set of powerful features to help you administer every aspect of your company, including stock control, client records and real-time analysis.

The place keeps things going. With our investment in payments technologies, we can help your company and the million other companies supported by Square around the globe to keep things going. Encryption is used to secure your transaction and we never save any information on your machine after a transaction has been handled.

If you make payments with Square, we'll send your funds to your free banking on the next working weekday - because we know how much counts. You can also choose an instant deposit (for a fee) to be settled within 20mins. Begin your sales with Square. Set up your free affiliate within a few moments and join the million companies around the globe that sell with Square.

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